Chapter 16.40


16.40.010    Construction standards – Permits.

16.40.020    Construction by private contract.

16.40.030    Making sewer connections.

16.40.040    General conditions.

16.40.050    Bonds and insurance.

16.40.060    Acceptance by the city.

*    For state law authorizing the establishment, construction and maintenance of drains and sewers, see RCW 35.24.290(4).

16.40.010 Construction standards – Permits.

(1) All sewers, trunk lines, manholes, cleanouts and catch basins hereafter constructed in the city of Clarkston and extensions thereof shall be constructed in accordance with Division III of the Standard Specifications, and with approval of the DPW. Construction of side sewers and connections must meet with the approval of the DPW.

(2) All transactions concerning sewer connections shall be made through the office of the city clerk, with the exception of permits for construction which shall be obtained from the DPW’s office. [Ord. 649 Ch. X, § 1, 1967.]

16.40.020 Construction by private contract.

(1) Prior to the issuing of a construction permit, a connect order must be obtained by the party or parties seeking such improvement. Prior to the granting of a permit for the construction of any sanitary sewers or storm drains on public street right-of-way to be done by private contract, the permittee requesting the improvement shall provide all necessary surveys, grades, engineering design data, plans, specifications and, subsequent to issuance of the permit, all necessary construction staking, all of which shall be certified by an engineer or land surveyor registered in the state of Washington. However, as an alternate to using the registered engineer or land surveyor, the city may do this work at the rates prescribed in CMC 16.20.050 for the permittee if mutually agreed. The permittee or contractor actually doing the work and subsequent to issuance of the permit shall notify the DPW in writing at least 24 hours in advance of commencing operations or commencing any construction phase. The DPW, or his designated assistant, shall check the work as to line and grade and inspect the work until the same is completed, and it shall be unlawful for work to commence until the grades and alignment have been so checked and an inspector placed upon the location of the work at the time the work is actually commenced, and all work shall be inspected prior to and upon completion of backfilling.

(2) In the event engineering is performed by a registered engineer or land surveyor and subsequent to completion of the work, but before acceptance of the completed work by the city, the permittee shall furnish the DPW acceptable transparent tracing or drawing indicating the “as-built” condition of the work which shall show final grades and other engineering data all of which shall be certified by the engineer or land surveyor who is registered in the state of Washington who was responsible for the work. The city may remove the connection to the system or refuse to maintain any sanitary sewers or storm drains which have not been built in compliance herewith nor accepted by the DPW.

(3) Roof areas, down spouts and surface drainage areas shall not be drained into sanitary sewers. [Ord. 649 Ch. X, § 2, 1967.]

16.40.030 Making sewer connections.

No person or persons, firm, association or corporation shall make or cause to be made any connection to any sewer or part of the sewerage system of the city, except by a person or persons regularly licensed to perform that class of work, or approved by the DPW, and such work shall be inspected prior to and upon completion of backfilling to the satisfaction and approval of the DPW. [Ord. 649 Ch. X, § 3, 1967.]

16.40.040 General conditions.

For general conditions, see Chapter 16.20 CMC. [Ord. 649 Ch. X, § 4, 1967.]

16.40.050 Bonds and insurance.

For bonds and insurance, see Chapter 16.24 CMC. [Ord. 649 Ch. X, § 5, 1967.]

16.40.060 Acceptance by the city.

No improvement will be accepted until the DPW is satisfied that the work has been performed according to the requirements of this chapter and to the lines and grades as established and staked. [Ord. 649 Ch. X, § 6, 1967.]