Chapter 16.36


16.36.010    Construction standards.

16.36.020    Establishment of grades.

16.36.030    Permits for driveways and approaches.

16.36.040    Construction details.

16.36.050    Design requirements for other than residential driveways.

16.36.060    Engineering and inspection.

16.36.010 Construction standards.

All paved driveways and approaches on public rights-of-way hereafter constructed in the city of Clarkston shall be constructed in accordance with Division II of the Standard Specifications. [Ord. 649 Ch. IX, § 1, 1967.]

16.36.020 Establishment of grades.

All driveways or approaches hereafter constructed or reconstructed in areas where walks, curbs or curbs and gutters do not exist shall be built to the lines, and grades and to allow the width of roadway established for the street. [Ord. 649 Ch. IX, § 2, 1967.]

16.36.030 Permits for driveways and approaches.

A single permit may authorize one or more driveways or approaches to be constructed along the frontage of any one ownership or leasehold. However, no permit shall be issued if, in the judgment of the DPW, the proposed driveway or approach may impair the use of the street or be unduly dangerous to traffic or is not in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 649 Ch. IX, § 3, 1967.]

16.36.040 Construction details.

Unless otherwise ordered by the DPW, all driveways or approaches constructed upon any public right-of-way within the city shall be built in compliance with the appropriate city public works department standard plans as described in CMC 16.16.020. [Ord. 649 Ch. IX, § 4, 1967.]

16.36.050 Design requirements for other than residential driveways.

Except for specific conflicting provisions for driveways for service stations, the following shall apply:

(1) No single driveway shall exceed 25 feet in length measured parallel to the curb line.

(2) Total length of all driveways along any single street and single ownership or leasehold frontage shall not exceed 50 percent of the total frontage along that street.

(3) The approach angle of any driveway shall not be less than 70 degrees measured from the curb line.

(4) No driveway shall be constructed within three feet excluding curb slopes from the extended property line of separate ownerships or leaseholds measured parallel to the curb. However, in a case where one driveway is to be used by two adjoining ownerships or leaseholds, the driveway and driveway entrances may be continuous but each ownership or leasehold shall have a minimum of 15 feet of driveway fronting on each of the ownerships or leaseholds and the total length of driveway shall not exceed 25 feet. [Ord. 649 Ch. IX, § 5, 1967.]

16.36.060 Engineering and inspection.

In any area where walks, curbs, or curbs and gutters do not exist, the engineering and inspection of driveways or approaches shall be the same as for a sidewalk, curb or gutter. In the event the driveway or driveway approach is being constructed in conjunction with sidewalk, curb or curb and gutter construction, the engineering and inspection shall be considered coincidental to the sidewalk, curb, or curb and gutter construction and no separate permit shall be required. In the event the driveway or approach is being added in an existing sidewalk, curb, or curb and gutter area, the person making the improvement, his contractor or his agent shall notify the DPW in writing at least 24 hours in advance of the time work will commence and also when paving and surfacing work is to commence. The DPW or his designated assistant shall check any forms as to line and grade and inspect the work until the same is completed. [Ord. 649 Ch. IX, § 6, 1967.]