Chapter 16.32


16.32.010    Construction standards.

16.32.020    Establishment of grades.

16.32.030    Construction details.

16.32.040    Engineering and inspection.

16.32.050    Acceptance by the city.

16.32.060    Maintenance of sidewalks and driveways.

16.32.070    Authorization for the city to make repairs.

16.32.080    Lien against property for costs of repair.

16.32.010 Construction standards.

All sidewalks, curbs and gutters hereafter constructed in the city of Clarkston shall be constructed in accordance with Division II of the Standard Specifications. [Ord. 649 Ch. VIII, § 1, 1967.]

16.32.020 Establishment of grades.

All curbs and/or sidewalks hereafter constructed or rebuilt shall be built to the lines, and grades, and to accommodate the width of roadway established for the street. [Ord. 649 Ch. VIII, § 2, 1967.]

16.32.030 Construction details.

Unless otherwise ordered by the DPW, all sidewalks, curbs and gutters hereafter constructed upon any public right-of-way within the city shall be built in compliance with appropriate city public works department standard plans as described in CMC 16.16.020. [Ord. 649 Ch. VIII, § 3, 1967.]

16.32.040 Engineering and inspection.

Upon granting a sidewalk, curb, or curb and gutter permit by the department of public works, it shall be the duty of the public works department to cause the proposed improvement to be staked giving the lines and grades thereof. The department shall also furnish data and specifications to which the improvement must conform. The person or persons performing the work shall take proper precautions to protect the stakes set by the department and any and all stakes lost or destroyed shall be replaced by the department at the additional expense of the person obtaining the permit. The person making such improvement, his contractor or his agent shall notify the DPW in writing at least 24 hours in advance of the time when the forms will be completed and ready for placing of concrete. The DPW or his designated assistant shall check the forms as to line and grade and inspect the work until the same is completed and it shall be unlawful for any person, contractor or his agent to commence construction work until the forms have been so checked and approved. [Ord. 649 Ch. VIII, § 4, 1967.]

16.32.050 Acceptance by the city.

No improvement will be accepted until the DPW is satisfied that the work has been performed according to the requirements of this chapter and to the lines and grades as established and staked. [Ord. 649 Ch. VIII, § 5, 1967.]

16.32.060 Maintenance of sidewalks and driveways.

(1) It shall be unlawful for any person, persons, firm or corporation to keep or retain a public sidewalk or driveway area fronting his property which is in a state of disrepair and dangerous for use by the public.

(2) It shall be illegal to paint upon, permanently deface or permanently mark in any manner a public sidewalk without permission of the city council.

(3) Each day any sidewalk or driveway is permitted to remain in a condition contrary to the terms of this chapter shall be considered an infraction as defined in CMC 1.01.110 and shall constitute a separate and distinct violation thereof. [Ord. 1602 § 1, 2018; Ord. 649 Ch. VIII, § 6, 1967.]

16.32.070 Authorization for the city to make repairs.

After inspection, where the department of public works director determines there exists a failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter, mail notice shall be sent to the owner of the abutting property, as shown on the rolls of the county assessor, directed to the address shown thereon. The notice shall contain a description of the violation, a reasonable time by which to repair, replace or reconstruct the sidewalk or driveway, and explanation of requirements and provisions with which the owner must comply to remedy the violation. The notice shall contain language notifying the owner’s responsibility to remedy the violation at the owner’s cost or expense, and if the violation is not properly remedied by the date specified, then the city may proceed to have the work done to repair, replace or reconstruct the sidewalk or driveway at the owner’s sole expense and to assess the cost of such work against the property and property owner. [Ord. 1602 § 2, 2018.]

16.32.080 Lien against property for costs of repair.

The city clerk shall file with the Asotin County auditor a lien for the cost of any repairs undertaken by the city pursuant to CMC 16.32.070. The lien shall be foreclosed in the superior court of Asotin County in the manner provided by law for mortgages. [Ord. 1602 § 3, 2018.]