Chapter 17.60


17.60.010    Applicability.

17.60.020    Defined.

17.60.030    Memorandum of land use action.

17.60.040    Effective date.

17.60.050    Violation – Penalty.

17.60.010 Applicability.

Any land use action on property within the corporate boundaries of the city shall be subject to the requirements set forth in this title. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.13.010.]

17.60.020 Defined.

“Land use action” means any official exercise of city government whereby landowners receive, by virtue of said landowner’s application, request or petition, permission to proceed with land use, which prior to approval by the city council or board of adjustment has not been legally allowed. Such land use actions include, but are not limited to, variances, conditional uses and zone changes. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.13.020.]

17.60.030 Memorandum of land use action.

Upon the approval of any land use action, as defined in this chapter, by the city council or the board of adjustment, the city staff shall, on behalf of the property owners, record with the Asotin County auditor a memorandum of land use action. The memorandum of land use action shall be in such form as established by the Clarkston city council or city supervisor or director of community development. Such memorandum shall be completed in its entirety and no item shall remain unaddressed. The property owner shall be solely responsible for the costs of recording such memorandum with the auditor; however, such costs shall be included as part of the land use action application fees. Copies of the memorandum, in proper form, shall be available in the city clerk’s office. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.13.030.]

17.60.040 Effective date.

No approval of land use action shall take effect until the memorandum of land use action has been duly recorded with the Asotin County auditor and a certified copy of said land use memorandum properly recorded is made available to the city clerk of the city. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.13.040.]

17.60.050 Violation – Penalty.

Failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter shall result in withdrawal of land use action approval. Further, violation of any provision of this title shall be considered a misdemeanor. [Ord. 1138 § 1, 1992. Code 1966 § 17.13.050.]