Chapter 16.12


16.12.010    Applicability.

16.12.015    Processing.

16.12.020    Time limitations and submittal.

16.12.030    General requirements and standards.

16.12.040    Consultation with city engineer.

16.12.050    Scale of plat.

16.12.060    Submission of plat to others.

16.12.070    Contents of application – Short plat.

16.12.080    Further submittals.

16.12.090    Exceptions.

16.12.100    Repealed.

16.12.110    Administrative determinations.

16.12.120    Administrative findings.

16.12.130    Appeal.

16.12.140    Recording.

16.12.142    Resubdivision procedures – Lapse of plat by failure to pay city’s costs.

16.12.160    Further divisions in five-year period.

16.12.010 Applicability.

This chapter permits administrative approval of a division of land within the city into four or fewer lots for the purpose of sale or lease. Short subdivisions shall be processed in accordance with CHMC 16.12.110. (Ord. 693 § 1, 1994)

16.12.015 Processing.

Short plats are Type II applications, and as project permits, as defined in RCW 36.70B.020(4), they are subject to the processing requirements of CHMC Title 19, pursuant to RCW 36.70B.140. (Ord. 739 § 6, 1996)

16.12.020 Time limitations and submittal.

A. Short subdivision applications shall be submitted to the city clerk for review and approval by the planning commission, together with a nonrefundable application fee established by city resolution. These fees will be used for administrative costs incurred by the city and are not refundable. The applicant shall be responsible for all engineering, legal and other consulting fees and costs incurred by the city to the extent said fees and costs exceed the application fees.

B. In order to ensure payment of the city’s costs which may exceed the application fee, the applicant shall place a monetary per lot deposit with the city in an amount established by city resolution. The applicant shall be advised by the city clerk of all of the city’s costs which exceed the deposited amount prior to the public meeting on the short plat, and these costs shall be paid by the applicant before the public meeting. If the city incurs any additional expenses after the public meeting, the applicant shall pay such additional expenses prior to the time the plat is recorded by the city clerk pursuant to CHMC 16.12.140. In the event that action on the plat is discontinued prior to final approval, the city’s expenses will be deducted from the deposit and the remainder shall be returned to the applicant.

C. A short plat shall be approved, disapproved or returned to the applicant within 30 days after the city’s issuance of the notice of completeness, unless the applicant consents in writing to an extension of the time period. (Ord. 835 § 3, 2001; Ord. 739 § 5, 1996; Ord. 695 § 3, 1994; Ord. 693 § 1, 1994)

16.12.030 General requirements and standards.

A. Short subdivisions shall conform to the requirements of this chapter; Chapters 16.24, 16.28, 16.36, and 16.40 CHMC; and CHMC 16.44.020 unless otherwise specified in this chapter.

B. The following sections of Chapter 16.40 CHMC are required for short plats:

16.40.010    (if there is a dedication)

16.40.020    (if there is a dedication)





16.40.070    (if CHMC 16.12.130 is used)


(Ord. 835 § 4, 2001; Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.060.)

16.12.040 Consultation with city engineer.

Before the short plat or dedication is prepared, the subdivider or his engineer shall obtain copies of the subdivision, zoning and streets and sidewalks titles of this code and shall consult with the city engineer for the purpose of ascertaining the requirements of the city and obtaining any explanation of the rules and regulations contained in this title as may be necessary and related to the short plat or dedication. (Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.070.)

16.12.050 Scale of plat.

The short plat or dedication shall be prepared by or under the supervision of a registered land surveyor who shall certify on the plat that it is a correct and true representation of the lands actually surveyed and in accordance with the requirements established in this chapter. The plat shall be drawn to the scale of one inch equals 20 feet unless special permission to change the scale is granted by the city engineer. (Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.080.)

16.12.060 Submission of plat to others.

A. Prior to the filing of the short plat with the city, the subdivider or his engineer shall submit a copy thereof to the city of Bellevue utility department to determine its requirements for both water and sewage facilities, and secure a letter of approval from the city of Bellevue utility department stating that the proposed plat will be serviced by it. If sewer services are not immediately available, the subdivider shall secure a letter from the King County department of health stating that soil conditions in the short plat are favorable for the septic tank and drainfield method of sewage disposal.

B. Notice of the filing of a short plat of a short subdivision adjacent to or within one mile of the municipal boundaries of a city, city or county, or which contemplates the use of any city, town or county utilities, shall be furnished to the appropriate officials of the neighboring city, town or county by the applicant according to instructions provided by the city clerk, pursuant to RCW 58.17.080.

C. Notice of the filing of a short plat of a short subdivision located adjacent to the right-of-way of a state highway shall be given to the State of Washington Department of Transportation.

D. Evidence that all items in this section have been complied with shall be submitted with the short plat and other items indicated in CHMC 16.12.070 and 16.12.080. Copies of letters sent in accordance with subsections (B) and (C) of this section shall constitute such evidence. (Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.090.)

16.12.070 Contents of application – Short plat.

Ten copies of a short plat of the entire contiguous tract owned by the applicant shall be submitted and shall include:

A. The name of the proposed plat or dedication;

B. The name, address and telephone number of the owner or owners;

C. The name, address telephone number and seal of the land surveyor, if any;

D. The legal description of the property;

E. Present use and zoning;

F. Proposed use and zoning;

G. Lot numbers; street names and layout; and all dedicated rights-of-way, municipal boundaries, township and section lines which adjoin or intersect the plat;

H. Scale and true north;

I. Accurate location of all monuments. One such monument shall be placed at each street intersection, and at locations to complete a continuous line of sight, at such additional locations as required by the city engineer.

J. A survey of the property within the short plat, prepared by or under the supervision of a registered surveyor. (Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.100.)

16.12.080 Further submittals.

In addition to the short plat itself, the following items shall be submitted with the application to the planning commission:

A. A sketch, separate from the short plat, showing front yard, side yard, and rear yard setback lines;

B. A title report confirming title of the land as described and shown on the plat in the name of the owner signing the application and plat;

C. All required bonds;

D. Topographic map prepared by licensed land surveyor showing contours at a minimum of two-foot intervals;

E. The location and direction of the flow of all watercourses and approximate location of all area subject to inundation or storm water overflow;

F. The outline of any existing buildings to remain in place in relation to proposed street and lot lines;

G. Method of water supply as approved by the city of Bellevue utility department;

H. Method of sewer disposal as approved by the city of Bellevue utility department;

I. Existing sewers, water mains, culverts or other underground facilities within the tract indicating grade and exact locations;

J. Proposed storm sewer facilities which must comply with the provisions of CHMC 16.12.110 and which must also be approved by the city engineer for compliance;

K. Profile and section print of all streets within the plat to be dedicated as public roads;

L. Means of access to vehicles, including emergency vehicles, for all proposed lots which must, as a minimum comply with the provisions of Chapter 17.44 CHMC (Private Roads and Easements), and which must, if reasonably possible, comply with the provisions of CHMC 17.16.030 requiring a minimum of frontage on a public street of at least 100 feet;

M. A sketch addressing the environmental impact of the proposed plat and lots on adjoining property owners, including an inventory of the trees on the property, which includes the location of trees, tree caliper, and views which would be affected by the granting of the proposed subdivision of property and any future construction on the proposed lots. (Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.110.)

16.12.090 Exceptions.

Short plats are categorically exempt from environmental policies contained in CHMC 16.24.110. (Ord. 769 § 1, 1997; Ord. 695 § 4, 1994; Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.140.)

16.12.100 Public hearing.

Repealed by Ord. 739. (Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.030.)

16.12.110 Administrative determinations.

The planning commission shall, after reviewing the recommendations of appropriate officials, determine whether:

A. The proposed short subdivision conforms to this title, the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance requirements and all applicable land use controls;

B. The proposed short subdivision is served with utilities, transit stops, fire protection, water supply and means of sanitary sewerage disposal;

C. The proposed short subdivision is served by a storm drainage system which either presently connects to the city’s storm drainage system, or provides for connecting of the proposed lots to future storm drainage system at the point or points where the proposed lots gain access to public streets. For property not presently served by the city’s storm sewer system, an appropriate and adequate independent drainage system shall be required for all proposed lots within the subdivision;

D. The proposed short subdivision is served by adequate means of access for vehicles, including emergency vehicles, and all such means of access shall meet the minimum standards of private roads and easements as provided for in Chapter 17.44 CHMC;

E. The best interests of the city and adjoining property owners would be provided for by permitting the proposed division of land, including but not limited to the consideration of the impact on the neighborhood, inclusion of greenbelts, preservation of existing trees, and preservation of views of neighboring property owners;

F. Appropriate provisions are made for parks and recreation, playgrounds, schools and school grounds;

G. Appropriate provisions are made for streets, roads, alleys other public ways, sidewalks and other planning features that assure safe walking conditions for students who only walk to and from school; and

H. The public use and interest will be served by permitting the proposed division of land. (Ord. 741 § 2, 1996; Ord. 739 § 8, 1996; Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.040.)

16.12.120 Administrative findings.

A. After considering the short subdivision application in a public meeting with no public testimony, if the planning commission makes written findings that appropriate provisions are made for each of the requirements of CHMC 16.12.110 and that the public use and interest will be served, then the planning commission shall approve the short subdivision application.

B. The planning commission may consider variations or exceptions to the requirements of this title as provided in Chapter 16.32 CHMC. The planning commission is hereby granted the authority to only approve those short subdivisions which comply with the requirements of this code, unless an exception is granted as provided in Chapter 16.32 CHMC. Any variances or special exceptions to CHMC Title 17 shall be determined in accordance with Chapter 17.72 CHMC.

C. Dedications of land, the provision of public improvements to serve the short subdivision and/or impact fees (if adopted by the city by ordinance pursuant to RCW 82.02.050 through 82.02.090) may be required as a condition of short plat approval. Dedications shall be clearly shown on the final plat. (Ord. 769 § 2, 1997; Ord. 741 § 3, 1996; Ord. 739 § 9, 1996; Ord. 705 § 1, 1994; Ord. 695 § 5, 1994; Ord. 693 § 1, 1994)

16.12.130 Appeal.

Any person aggrieved by the decision of the planning commission to approve or disapprove a short subdivision may appeal the decision to the council, as provided in Chapter 19.06 CHMC. (Ord. 741 § 4, 1996; Ord. 739 § 10, 1996; Ord. 695 § 6, 1994; Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.050.)

16.12.140 Recording.

The original approved short plat shall be filed for record with the King County department of records and elections by the applicant. After recording, the original plat shall be returned to the city office. (Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.120.)

16.12.142 Resubdivision procedures – Lapse of plat by failure to pay city’s costs.

The applicant’s failure to pay the city’s costs related to the short plat processing within six months from approval by the planning commission shall preclude recording by the city clerk, and void the approval. In such a case, a new application must be made which shall conform to the ordinances and standards applying at the time of the new application. (Ord. 695 § 7, 1994; Ord. 693 § 1, 1994)

16.12.160 Further divisions in five-year period.

Land in short subdivisions may not be further divided in any manner within a period of five years without the filing of a final plat, except that when the short plat contains fewer than four parcels, the owner who filed the short plat may file an alteration within the five-year period to create up to a total of four lots within the original short plat boundaries. Any lot which has previously been used or included with other lots for the purpose of averaging square footage within a plat pursuant to the provisions of CHMC 16.28.080 shall not be used, included or considered for any subsequent proposed plat for averaging square footage. (Ord. 693 § 1, 1994. Formerly 16.12.150.)