Chapter 10.15


10.15.010    Definition of unlicensed vehicle.

10.15.020    Prohibition against public parking.

10.15.030    Towing and impound.

10.15.040    Civil infraction – Violation – Punishment.

10.15.010 Definition of unlicensed vehicle.

An unlicensed vehicle for purposes of this chapter is any car, truck, van, motor home, camper, trailer, motorcycle or other vehicle not displaying a proper, current proof of licensing from the state of license plate issuance or any car, truck, van, motor home, camper, trailer, motorcycle or other vehicle not bearing license plates. (Ord. 534 § 1, 2000)

10.15.020 Prohibition against public parking.

No unlicensed vehicle as described in CDMC 10.15.010 shall be permitted to park on any public street, parking lot or parking strip in the town of Coulee Dam. (Ord. 682 § 1, 2010; Ord. 534 § 2, 2000)

10.15.030 Towing and impound.

Any unlicensed vehicle parked on a public street or parking lot within the town of Coulee Dam, Washington, shall be towed and impounded at owners risk and expense to a facility of the town’s choice. (Ord. 534 § 3, 2000)

10.15.040 Civil infraction – Violation – Punishment.

Failure to perform any act required, or the performance of any act prohibited, by this chapter is designated as a civil infraction, and any person, firm or corporation found to have committed such a civil infraction shall be assessed a monetary penalty, which penalty may not exceed $500.00 for each offense. Each day during which a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense. Whenever a monetary penalty is imposed by a court for violation of a town ordinance it shall be payable immediately. (Ord. 692 § 1, 2011; Ord. 534 § 4, 2000)