Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Department established.

2.28.020    Auditor to issue warrants.

RCW 36.94.120: Establishment of sewer-water operating department.
CCC Title 15: Water, sewers, and waste disposal.
Chapter 16.15 CCC: Public works construction standards.

2.28.010 Department established.

A Public Works Department is hereby established. The Department Head will be the Director of Public Works reporting to the Chief of Staff. The Department will include sewer, water, solid waste disposal, and other utilities and services as may be added by the Board. [Res. 17-118 § 4, 12-5-17.]

2.28.020 Auditor to issue warrants.

The Cowlitz County Auditor is authorized to issue warrants on the Public Works account beginning with the budget year of 1972 upon certification by the Public Works Director or Chief of Staff. [Res. 17-118 § 4, 12-5-17.]