Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Administration.

2.32.020    Duties and responsibilities in purchasing.

2.32.030    Amendment to chapter.

RCW 36.32.240 et seq.: Purchasing department, purchasing agent.

2.32.010 Administration.

A Purchasing Department for Cowlitz County, Washington, is hereby created and established according to the provisions of RCW 36.32.240, 36.32.250, 36.32.260 and 36.32.270. The manager of that countywide purchasing authority shall have the responsibility for purchasing and contracting activities as set forth within the County Board of Commissioner’s Policies and Procedures, incorporated herein by this reference. For purposes of this chapter, “Purchasing Department” refers to the enabling language of RCW 36.32.240 et seq., and does not represent the county’s designation or an organizational placement of this countywide purchasing authority. [Res. 16-046 § 2, 3-29-16.]

2.32.020 Duties and responsibilities in purchasing.

The countywide purchasing authority shall have the duty and responsibility to implement processes, guidelines and forms on bidding, purchasing and contracting to carry out the language and intent of the County Board Policies and Procedures and state laws. The purchasing authority shall:

A. Improve services to all county departments and offices in the area of purchasing.

B. Develop automated requisition and reporting processes.

C. Improve purchasing productivity and control in cooperation with all departments.

D. Standardize high volume, interlocal and personal services purchases.

E. Develop efficient policies and procedures for acquiring goods and services.

F. Review specifications and the preparation of invitations to bid, submitted to the purchasing authority, pursuant to provisions set forth in the Policies and Procedures and state law.

G. Check bids for accuracy and/or compliance with specifications and invitation to bid.

H. Make recommendations to all county departments on all bid awards.

I. Perform other duties as may be required to further the purposes of this chapter. [Res. 16-046 § 2, 3-29-16.]

2.32.030 Amendment to chapter.

The Board of Commissioners reserves the exclusive right to alter, amend, rescind, abrogate, delete, supersede, or replace the provisions of its County Policies and Procedures, applicable to and referenced in this chapter, or any part thereof, in any manner not inconsistent with state law. Whether or not the county takes action, the applicable provisions of said Policies and Procedures and this chapter shall be deemed automatically altered, amended, or superseded to conform to any mandatory state administrative or court rulings or state statute, as of the effective date of any such enactment appertaining to the matters covered in said Policies and Procedures and this chapter, to the effect this countywide purchasing authority and provisions of this chapter shall at all times conform to, and never conflict with, said state laws and regulations. [Res. 16-046 § 2, 3-29-16.]