Title 3


3.02    Biennial Budget

3.04    Disposition of Fines

3.08    Department of Revenue Access to Tax Information

3.12    Admissions Tax

3.19    Sales and Use Tax for Chemical Dependency or Mental Health Treatment Services or Therapeutic Courts

3.20    Sales and Use Tax

3.21    Distressed County Sales and Use Tax

3.22    Additional Sales and Use Tax

3.23    Additional Sales and Use Tax for Criminal Justice Purposes

3.24    Board of Equalization

3.27    Open Space, Agricultural, and Timberland Assessment

3.34    Leasehold Excise Tax

3.36    Transient Occupancy Excise Tax

3.40    Special Excise Tax

3.42    Lodging Excise Tax

3.44    Timber Excise Tax

3.48    Local Improvement District Assessments

3.50    County Property Management

3.52    Repealed

3.54    Enhanced 911 Excise Tax

3.56    Repealed

3.58    Sales and Use Tax for Emergency 911 Communication Systems and Facilities

3.60    Real Estate Excise Tax