Chapter 3.02


3.02.010    Established.

3.02.020    Mid-biennium modifications.

3.02.030    Effective date.

3.02.010 Established.

In accordance with the provisions of RCW 36.40.250, a biennial budget is hereby established for Cowlitz County, effective for the fiscal biennium commencing January 1, 2002. The 2002-2003 biennium fiscal budget and all subsequent budgets shall be prepared, considered and adopted under the provisions of this chapter and Chapter 36.40 RCW, which is hereby adopted by this reference. [Ord. 01-090, § 1, 5-14-01.]

3.02.020 Mid-biennium modifications.

In accordance with RCW 36.40.250, a mid-biennium review and modification of the biennial fiscal budget shall occur in all even-numbered years after the month of August and prior to the end of December. No later than the first regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners in the month of December of the first year of each biennium the Manager of the Office of Financial Management shall prepare proposed budget modifications to be effective as of the succeeding January 1st. Such proposal shall be provided to the Board of Commissioners and shall constitute a public record available to the public. A public hearing shall be held by the Board of Commissioners no later than the first Monday in December and may be continued from time to time. At such hearing or thereafter, the Board of Commissioners may consider a proposed resolution to adopt such budget modifications, which resolution shall be subject to other provisions of Chapter 36.40 RCW. A complete copy of any mid-biennium budget modifications as adopted shall be transmitted to the Division of Municipal Corporations in the office of the Washington State Auditor and to the Municipal Research Services Center. [Ord. 01-090, § 1, 5-14-01.]

3.02.030 Effective date.

This chapter shall be effective upon the adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter. [Ord. 01-090, § 1, 5-14-01.]