Chapter 7.10


7.10.010    Established – Duties.

7.10.020    Control and supervision.

7.10.030    Repealed.

7.10.035    Continuity of government – Legislative authority.

7.10.040    Effective date.

Chapter 7.12 CCC: Fallout shelters.

7.10.010 Established – Duties.

There is created a division within the office of the Cowlitz County Sheriff to be known as the Department of Emergency Management. Such Department shall perform such emergency management functions as are required by Chapter 38.52 RCW and regulations and orders thereunder. [Ord. 04-008, § 1, 1-27-04; Ord. 87-002, § 1, 1-5-87.]

7.10.020 Control and supervision.

The Department of Emergency Management shall be under the immediate control and supervision of the Cowlitz County Sheriff. [Ord. 04-008, § 2, 1-27-04; Ord. 87-002, § 2, 1-5-87.]

7.10.030 Accounts.

Repealed by Ord. 04-008. [Ord. 87-002, § 3, 1-5-87.]

7.10.035 Continuity of government – Legislative authority.

When, as the result of an emergency or disaster, the number of County Commissioners needed to act falls below a quorum, the following provisions shall govern the continuity of the Board of County Commissioners:

A. Any or all available County Commissioners shall have full authority to act jointly in all matters as the Board of County Commissioners;

B. In the event that no County Commissioner(s) is available pursuant to subsection (A) of this section, then those elected county officials as listed in this section, as are available for duty, shall jointly act as the Board of County Commissioners and shall possess by majority vote the full authority of the Board of County Commissioners until such time as one or more County Commissioners become available. The elected county officials referenced in this section shall consist of the following county officials: Assessor, Auditor, Clerk, Coroner, Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff and Treasurer;

C. For the purposes of this section, a County Commissioner shall be considered unavailable during such time as such County Commissioner is absent or unable to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the office. [Ord. 04-056, § 1, 3-30-04.]

7.10.040 Effective date.

This chapter shall take effect January 1, 1987. [Ord. 87-002, § 4, 1-5-87.]