Chapter 8.08


8.08.010    Anti-poverty agency designated.

RCW 36.32.410, 36.32.440: County participation in Economic Opportunity Act.

8.08.010 Anti-poverty agency designated.*

It is considered by the Board of County Commissioners of Cowlitz County, Washington, to be in the best interest of the people of Cowlitz County to implement the provisions of the Economic Opportunity Act. It is necessary to form a Community Action Committee to identify local problems and needs, to coordinate available resources, and to initiate Community Action Programs.

A Community Action Committee named and formed on the 26th day of March, 1965, is confirmed and members are appointed.

A nonprofit corporation, to be known as the Lower Columbia Community Action Council, Inc., has been formed by the aforesaid Community Action Committee, and it is hereby designated as a legitimate agency through which anti-poverty programs in Cowlitz County, Washington, will be coordinated. [Res. 753, 11-9-65.]

*Codifier’s note: For later action by the Board continuing recognition of the Lower Columbia Community Action Council, see Res. 1424, 5-10-68, and note at 43 J 588.