Chapter 11.06


11.06.010    Vehicle marking – Requirements and exceptions.

11.06.010 Vehicle marking – Requirements and exceptions.

A. All county vehicles shall be marked in accordance with RCW 46.08.065, as amended, with the exceptions permitted therein of the following:

1. Vehicles used or controlled by Cowlitz County for law enforcement purposes, and limited to vehicles assigned to the Sheriff’s office, the Prosecuting Attorney’s office, the Jail, and Juvenile Court services; provided, that:

a. Vehicles assigned to the Sheriff’s office:

i. Will be equipped with exterior lighting capable of flashing at a minimum red and blue, and equipped with an emergency vehicle siren; and

ii. Will be clearly marked with the Sheriff’s office official insignias when used for traffic control and general emergency response purposes; and

iii. May be unmarked and without official insignia when the primary use of the vehicle is not for traffic control or general emergency response purposes; and

iv. May be unmarked and without official insignia for undercover and other confidential purposes, at the discretion of the Sheriff and in accordance with statute;

2. Vehicles used or controlled by the county for confidential public health work;

3. Vehicles owned or controlled by the county and used for public assistance fraud or support investigative purposes;

4. Vehicles leased or rented by the county on a casual basis for a period of less than 90 days; and

5. Vehicles granted use of confidential license plates by the Director of Motor Vehicles for necessary personal security of a county officer or employee.

B. The Board of County Commissioners reserves the right to determine whether county vehicles are used for the purposes listed in the exceptions to the rule enacted in subsection A of this section. [Ord. 15-051 § 2 (Exh. A), 4-21-15.]