Chapter 6.30


6.30.010    Policy.

6.30.020    Procedure.

*    Cross-reference: For current fees and additional regulations on water from fire hydrants, see CVWDC 9.05.060 and Rate Table II.

6.30.010 Policy.

In the interest of public safety and to protect the integrity of the water system, fire hydrant meters are allowed for a maximum of 60 days in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. An exception can be made on a case-by-case basis by Cross Valley Water District (district) if the fire hydrant meter is for a district project or an approved developer extension project that will last more than 60 days. The project shall have an estimated completion date. [Res. 2019-10-4 § 2.]

6.30.020 Procedure.

(1) The district requires two business days’ notice.

(2) The district shall charge a refundable deposit, permit fee, daily rental fee, and consumption charge. Refer to the current fees and charges stated in Rate Table II.

(3) The requestor shall execute a fire hydrant use agreement in the district’s form. The executed fire hydrant use agreement shall be faxed or emailed to the district and the deposit paid prior to the requested rental day.

(4) All vehicles and vessels are subject to inspection the first time the hydrant meter is used and anytime thereafter at the district’s discretion.

(5) District personnel shall install and remove the meter to ensure the hydrant and meter operate correctly. The requestor shall not remove or move the meter nor operate the fire hydrant.

(6) The meter shall be installed no earlier than 9:00 a.m. of the day requested and removed by 2:30 p.m. that same day.

(7) The meter shall be read when installed and read when removed for an accurate amount of reported usage for billing purposes. The meter shall stay on the fire hydrant and not be removed by the requester. Any damage to the meter or the fire hydrant shall be the requestor’s responsibility and the district shall bill the requester the full cost of any repairs.

(8) The meter must be insulated for protection from freezing. The requester shall be billed for all damages to the meter, up to the full replacement of the hydrant meter device and staff time.

(9) The requestor shall supply to the district the company name, billing address, phone number, contact person and contact person phone number, and the date of the requested meter rental along with the desired fire hydrant location. District personnel shall determine the final fire hydrant location.

(10) Connection to a fire hydrant before authorization shall be charged and any costs resulting from usage. A sticker on hydrants states the charge for illegal usage and that the office shall be contacted. Refer to the current charge in Rate Table II.

(11) Any cancellation shall be made 24 hours in advance. If the meter is installed, the requestor shall be charged the permit fee, even if the meter was not in use on the day requested.

(12) The district shall create a bill upon the return of the meter. The water consumption shall be billed at the current highest tier.

(13) The refundable deposit shall be returned after the bill is paid in full and the requestor has made the request in writing. [Res. 2019-10-4 § 2.]