Chapter 9.20


9.20.010    Outside boundaries of sewer ULID No. 5.

9.20.020    Discharges exceeding design criteria.

9.20.030    Payment required when.

9.20.040    Temporary dwelling permits – Exemption.

9.20.010 Outside boundaries of sewer ULID No. 5.

A property owner requesting connection to the district’s sewer system located outside of the boundaries of sewer ULID No. 5 and within the Maltby urban growth area shall pay a connection charge of $28,199 per acre for 3.13 gallons per minute of flow to pay an equitable share of the cost of replacing existing lines with larger lines to handle the increased volume of flow. The connection charge shall be adjusted annually on September 1st, beginning with September 1, 2020, based on changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the greater Seattle area for the 12-month period of July 1st to June 30th immediately preceding the date of the adjustment; provided, that the annual CPI adjustment shall not be less than zero percent and shall not exceed five percent. [Res. 2019-8-5 § 4; Res. 2018-12-1 § 1.]

9.20.020 Discharges exceeding design criteria.

Each property owner requesting discharges into the sewer system which exceed the design criteria for the sewer ULID No. 5 improvements shall be required to execute a sewer capacity charge agreement which will establish connection charges, discharge amounts for such property, which may limit flows for such property, and require each owner to pay an overage charge for all flows that exceed such property’s share or construct the required improvements prior to any discharge at the district’s discretion. [Res. 2018-12-1 § 2.]

9.20.030 Payment required when.

All connection charges for connection to the district’s sewer system shall be paid at the time of application for water meter installation for each building, other improvement or use that the property owner seeks to connect to the district’s sewer system; provided, that if the building, other improvements or use for which sewer service is sought is already connected to the district’s water system or otherwise already has a water meter, then the sewer connection charges shall be paid at the time of application for connection to the district’s sewer system. [Res. 2019-8-5 § 5.]

9.20.040 Temporary dwelling permits – Exemption.

Notwithstanding any other provision in this chapter, if a property owner seeks to connect to the district’s sewer system a building that contains a temporary dwelling for which the owner has been granted a temporary dwelling permit by Snohomish County, and if connection charges have already been paid for any primary residence or other use on the property, then the owner shall not be required to pay the otherwise applicable sewer connection charges for the temporary dwelling, subject to the following conditions:

(1) The owner shall provide evidence to the district’s satisfaction that Snohomish County has granted a temporary dwelling permit for the temporary dwelling, and shall provide evidence to the district’s satisfaction on an annual basis that the county has renewed or reissued the temporary dwelling permit for the subsequent year.

(2) The owner shall pay a separate monthly sewer service charge for sewer service provided to the temporary dwelling, in addition to the monthly sewer service charge payable for any other structures or uses on the property.

(3) The district shall record in the Snohomish County auditor’s office a notice on title stating that the property contains a temporary dwelling subject to this code provision, and shall record a release at such time as the owner has complied with subsection (4) of this section. The owner shall bear the cost of recording the notice and the release.

(4) If the temporary dwelling is in a separate building from the primary dwelling or other use is proposed on the property, the owner shall disconnect the building containing the temporary dwelling from the district’s sewer system and purchase a side sewer revision permit so that the capping can be inspected by the district at such time that (a) the temporary dwelling permit expires, terminates, or is revoked or vacated, and is not renewed or re-issued by Snohomish County, or (b) the temporary dwelling is no longer occupied by a person who qualifies for the permit. In the alternative, the owner shall immediately pay the applicable sewer connection charges to the district. [Res. 2019-8-5 § 6.]