Chapter 1.08


1.08.010    Classification change adopted.

1.08.020    Name change.

1.08.010 Classification change adopted.

Pursuant to and in accordance with RCW 35A.02.030 (Chapter 119, Laws Extraordinary Session 1967, Section 35A.02.030) and pursuant to Resolution No. 1972-2 adopted by the city on the twenty-first day of June, 1972, and published on the twenty-ninth day of June, 1972, the city council adopts for the city the classification of noncharter code city and reaffirms the intention to retain the plan of government under which it presently is operating and declares that it will continue to operate under the plan of government which it presently has. (Ord. 260 § 1, 1972)

1.08.020 Name change.

In accordance with the change of classification to a noncharter code city noted in Section 1.08.010, the name of the town of Deer Park, Washington is changed to the city of Deer Park, Washington, and the city clerk with the aid and direction of the city attorney shall make such changes in the official seal of the city and such other operational changes as may be required for the proper legal functioning of the municipality under the name, style and title of the “City of Deer Park, Washington.” (Ord. 515 § 1, 1986: Ord. 260 § 2, 1972)