Chapter 10.12


10.12.010    Parking restrictions.

10.12.020    Enforcement.

10.12.010 Parking restrictions.

Parking is restricted on county roads as set out in this section. The owner or operator of any vehicle parked on any of these restricted roadways in violation of the parking restrictions will be guilty of an infraction. The county sheriff shall provide for the removal and impounding, at the owner’s or operator’s expense, of any vehicle found in violation of these parking restrictions. The parking restrictions as specified on county roads are as follows:

A.    No parking shall be permitted on rural roads.

B.    No parking shall be permitted on urban collectors and arterials.

C.    Parking shall be permitted on urban local access roads, except for the following urban local access roads:

1.    Parking is prohibited on urban local access roads having a road surface of twenty-eight feet or less in width.

2.    The county engineer may restrict or prohibit parking on an urban local access road upon a determination that parking poses a risk to public safety due to road surface, width, grade or alignment, driveways, intersections or other factors, and shall place “No Parking” signage at the location(s) where parking is restricted or prohibited. (Ord. TLS 09-05-25B Exh. A (part): Ord. 86-3 Am. 9; Ord. 80-38A; Ord. 80-93; Ord. CR 79-29; Ord. 69-2; prior code § 10.04.040)

10.12.020 Enforcement.

The sheriff shall enforce the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. TLS 09-05-25B Exh. A (part))