Chapter 15.20


15.20.010    Applicability.

15.20.020    Permits required.

15.20.030    Governing standards.

*    Prior history: Prior code Sections 14.17.010—14.17.070 as amended by Ord. dated 1/23/84 and Res. CE 93-034.

15.20.010 Applicability.

This chapter shall apply to any person who moves or reconstructs any used or salvaged building, whether moved in whole or in part, or dismantled to any extent, for removal from and/or relocation within the county. This chapter shall not apply to the movement of lawfully permitted manufactured homes. (Ord. TLS 01-02-06B Exh. A (part): Ord. TLS 97-06-61B Exh. B (part))

15.20.020 Permits required.

No building shall be moved or reconstructed without first obtaining all required permits and approvals. Permit applications shall be processed pursuant to DCC Section 14.10.030 and be subject to full administrative review. Additional permits that must be obtained following full administrative review and approval shall include:

A.    A special motor vehicle permit from the county engineer for the movement of buildings on county rights-of-way;

B.    A special motor vehicle permit from each governmental agency for movement of the building over rights-of-way that are not county roads; and

C.    All applicable permits for construction, placement, and/or demolition.

Applications for all required county permits shall be made on the specific forms provided by the county. (Ord. TLS 01-02-06B Exh. A (part): Ord. TLS 97-06-61B Exh. B (part))

15.20.030 Governing standards.

A.    If a building is to be moved over any county road, no permit shall be issued until the applicant has first obtained the approval of the county engineer as to the date, time and route, subject to the following:

1.    The date, time and route shall be such as to least interfere with normal traffic flow and no road shall be blocked more than twenty minutes unless traffic can be conveniently detoured;

2.    Moving shall not occur on any Saturday, Sunday or holiday unless specifically authorized by the county engineer, or when or where adverse weather tends to impair vision or produce hazardous road conditions, or during darkness hours;

3.    No county arterial shall be used between the hours of seven a.m. to nine a.m., eleven a.m. to two p.m., or four p.m. to seven p.m.;

4.    Letters from potentially affected utilities shall be submitted by the applicant stating that provision has been made for the protection of all utility lines along and across the approved route;

5.    Proof of public liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage in an amount and form acceptable to the county engineer and prosecuting attorney shall be submitted; and

6.    A performance assurance in accord with DCC Title 14 may be required by the county engineer to assure completion and/or demolition of buildings, and repairs to county rights-of-way, signage and utility lines.

B.    The building and vehicles shall not exceed the load width and weight requirements established by the county engineer.

C.    Vehicles shall be properly licensed for the weight to be carried.

D.    Pilot cars and traffic control measures shall be provided in accordance with Uniform Traffic Control and as approved by the county engineer.

E.    Any foundation remaining after removal shall be filled or demolished and the site graded and restored to a condition similar to the surrounding land.

F.    Buildings shall be anchored to a new foundation within two months and all reconstruction completed within six months after the move. (Ord. TLS 01-02-06B Exh. A (part): Ord. TLS 97-06-61B Exh. B (part))