Chapter 20.34


20.34.010    General.

20.34.020    Plans required.

20.34.030    Construction and installation.

20.34.010 General.

All stormwater runoff shall be retained and disposed of on-site or disposed of in a system designed for such runoff and which does not flood or damage other properties. Stormwater systems shall be designed by an engineer using the one-hundred-year twenty-four-hour Type II SCS synthetic rainfall event. Stormwater retention, collection and disposal systems shall be reviewed and approved by the county engineer. (Res. TLS 11-32: Ord. TLS 97-10-71B Exh. H (part))

20.34.020 Plans required.

When required by the county engineer, conceptual storm drainage plans and supporting documentation prepared in accordance with DCC Section 20.34.010 shall accompany an application for a development permit. Final plans and supporting documentation shall be submitted for approval by the county engineer as a component of final plans prepared subsequent to preliminary development approval. (Ord. TLS 97-10-71B Exh. H (part))

20.34.030 Construction and installation.

All stormwater plans shall be implemented and systems constructed prior to final development approval. Performance assurance in lieu of actual construction may be provided in accordance with DCC Chapter 14.90. (Ord. TLS 97-10-71B Exh. H (part))