Chapter 3.20


3.20.010    Full paid employees.

3.20.020    List of classified positions.

3.20.010 Full paid employees.

The provisions of this title apply to all full paid employees of the police department of the city, except for the following positions:

A. Police chief;

B. Assistant chief of police;

C. Deputy chief; and

D. Bureau commander (or captain).

Because of the nature of these positions, an employee serving in one of these positions serves without civil service coverage. (Ord. 21-01 § 3, 2021; Ord. 93-18 § 1, 1993; Ord. 92-12 § 2 Exh. A, 1992)

3.20.020 List of classified positions.

In making examinations, certifying for appointments and promotions, and otherwise carrying out such acts, the positions in the police department shall be classified in accordance with the character of the various services to be performed, which classifications presently are as follows: sergeant, police officer, administrative secretary and records specialist. (Ord. 21-01 § 3, 2021; Ord. 93-18 § 2, 1993; Ord. 92-12 § 2 Exh. A, 1992)