Chapter 3.24


3.24.010    Requirements.

3.24.020    Age limitations.

3.24.030    Board certification requirements.

3.24.040    Qualifications – Burden of proof.

3.24.010 Requirements.

An application for any position under the city’s civil service system must be able to read and write the English language; possess an educational training equivalent to a high school education; be in ordinary good health, of good moral character and of temperate and industrious habits; these facts to be ascertained in such manner as the commission may deem advisable. (Ord. 92-12 § 2 Exh. A, 1992)

3.24.020 Age limitations.

Unless otherwise provided in the rules and regulations adopted by the commission, no person will be admitted to examination for any classified position within the city police department who is less than 21 years of age. (Ord. 92-12 § 2 Exh. A, 1992)

3.24.030 Board certification requirements.

No person shall be hired as an employee of the city police department without prior certification from the commission. This section shall not apply to temporary employees hired by the city for temporary replacement of officers who are granted leave, are at school or are otherwise legally disabled from their employment within the police department. (Ord. 92-12 § 2 Exh. A, 1992)

3.24.040 Qualifications – Burden of proof.

The burden of proof shall be upon the applicant to satisfactorily demonstrate to the commission that the applicant possesses the qualifications prescribed in this title. (Ord. 92-12 § 2 Exh. A, 1992)