Chapter 17.38


17.38.010    Purpose.

17.38.020    Design standards.

17.38.030    Permitted uses.

17.38.040    Accessory uses.

17.38.050    Prohibited uses.

17.38.060    Dimensional standards.

17.38.070    Performance standards.

17.38.080    Off-street parking requirements.

17.38.090    Landscaping.

17.38.100    Signs.

17.38.110    Repealed.

17.38.010 Purpose.

The NC neighborhood commercial district provides necessary commercial facilities in residential areas that cater to the day-to-day needs of consumers for a limited range of convenience goods and services within a limited service area without harmful effect on residential properties. Further, such facilities are limited in site size, height, bulk of structures and are designed to be pedestrian-oriented in scale and character. The district shall be located and implemented consistent with the goals, policies, land use designations and the commercial design criteria of the comprehensive plan. Sites shall be master planned in order to address a thematic architectural style throughout the district, compatible appearance with adjacent land uses, and a design promoting pedestrian and transit-oriented facilities. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.020 Design standards.

A. The Greater East Wenatchee Urban Growth Area Standards and Guidelines apply to NC district development, except on the Fancher plateau per subsection B of this section.

B. The Fancher Plateau Neighborhood Commercial Design Standards and Guidelines apply to NC district development on the Fancher plateau. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.030 Permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted in the NC district:

A. Retail food and services, pet stores, barber shops, exercise and recreational facilities, art/craft studios, gift shops, fuel/gasoline sales and/or other similar uses;

B. Restaurants and cafes;

C. Clinics, advertising services, personal and professional offices and service establishments;

D. Cleaning and self-service laundries;

E. In-home day care, day care centers and preschools;

F. Public community facilities including libraries, community centers and other similar noncommercial uses;

G. Household electrical and appliance repair shops not exceeding 1,000 square feet in size; and

H. Single-family, two-family and multifamily dwellings as part of the master plan for the district, not to exceed 50 percent of the allowable lot coverage and floor area within the district. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.040 Accessory uses.

The following are considered accessory uses to the permitted uses:

A. Accessory buildings and structures clearly incidental to the commercial use of the lot; and

B. On-site hazardous waste treatment and storage facilities accessory to any activity generating hazardous waste and lawfully allowed in this district; provided, that such facilities meet local, state and federal requirements. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.050 Prohibited uses.

The following are prohibited uses in the NC district:

A. Storage, manufacture or sale of highly volatile or otherwise extremely hazardous substances or materials;

B. General residential use, except as specifically permitted in this chapter;

C. General industrial use;

D. Commercial uses not authorized by EWMC 17.38.030;

E. Establishments which serve alcoholic beverages, except those that have received an on-premises consumption license from the Washington State Liquor Control Board and associated with a restaurant;

F. Lodges, clubs or fraternal organizations;

G. Vehicle, equipment, implement maintenance and/or repair;

H. Commercial mini storage;

I. Advertising displays or structures for off-premises businesses or activities;

J. Accumulation of junk materials; and

K. Video arcades and mini-casinos. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.060 Dimensional standards.

The following are dimensional standards in the NC district:

A. District Size and Location.

1. Maximum district size: five acres, excluding public street rights-of-way;

2. Location. The NC district shall be located on a road or street designated as a collector or arterial;

3. An NC district shall be designed and located primarily as a node at intersecting roads. NC district sites shall be topographically suited to such use, without major earth movement which results in unsafe or unsightly cut or fill slopes;

4. Sites should be located in residential areas at least one mile from a CBD district and one-half mile from any other NC district.

B. Minimum lot area: none, except as required by other provisions of the EWMC.

C. Area Requirements.

1. Minimum lot width in the NC district shall be 70 feet for an interior lot and 150 feet of contiguous frontage in both directions as measured from the centerpoint of the intersection of public rights-of-way for corner lots;

2. Maximum impervious surface coverage: 80 percent;

3. Maximum Floor Area per Business Use. Each business enterprise, in either a single-occupancy building or multiple-occupancy building, shall not exceed 5,000 square feet of gross floor area;

4. Floor area ratio: one and one-half square feet of building floor area, not including parking, for each one square foot of district size.

D. Building height: 30 feet.

E. Minimum Yards and Setbacks. No building or structure shall be erected closer than 10 feet from any side or rear property line that adjoins an R-L district. (Ord. 15-08 § 5, 2015; Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.070 Performance standards.

A. General Character. Development in the NC district shall be characterized by small businesses in commercial buildings constructed in a center, plaza or node. Buildings shall be designed with moderate lighting, quiet operations and facilitate considerable walk-in trade by providing pedestrian and transit-oriented amenities.

B. Site Design. Development within the NC district shall be designed to accommodate a maximum of five acres of commercial uses and associated amenities including parking, landscaping, drainage, road improvements, etc. If less than five acres are proposed in an initial application, the development shall be designed to facilitate additional commercial development on adjacent properties to a maximum of five acres in a manner that will create a cluster, plaza or node of buildings that are oriented to face opposing commercial buildings, green space or a plaza area. The site shall be designed to prohibit linear type development.

C. All buildings within a multi-building complex shall achieve a unity of design through the implementation of a thematic architectural master plan that addresses such elements as roof form, exterior building materials, colors, window pattern, awnings and signs in accordance with the appropriate Design Standards and Guidelines adopted in EWMC 17.38.020. The design theme shall be disclosed at the time of site plan review in accordance with EWMC 17.38.110 by the submission of preliminary building elevation plans, architectural renderings, sign plan and descriptive text.

D. Sidewalks along streets designated as pedestrian-oriented shall be a minimum of 12 feet wide. Sidewalks along other designated street frontages shall be a minimum of six feet wide.

E. Storage Standards. All storage shall be located within the same building as the primary use.

F. Display/Exhibits. The display of products or outdoor exhibits for public view or show is permitted; provided, that products for sale or rent may be stored or displayed outdoors only during business hours and that such products are not located within any pedestrian walkway, parking areas or rights-of-way.

G. Refuse Storage. Refuse storage shall be in accordance with applicable provisions of EWMC 17.72.170.

H. Design Standards and Guidelines. Development within this district must comply with the applicable sections of the Greater East Wenatchee Urban Growth Area Design Standards and Guidelines which are adopted by this reference as if fully set forth herein. (Ord. 16-14 § 5, 2017; Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.080 Off-street parking requirements.

Off-street parking space shall be required for uses permitted in the NC district in accordance with the provisions set forth in Chapter 17.72 EWMC, including all future amendments. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.090 Landscaping.

Landscaping shall be required pursuant to the terms of Chapter 17.72 EWMC, including all future amendments. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.100 Signs.

Signs shall comply with the requirements of Chapters 15.24 and 17.74 EWMC, including all future amendments. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)

17.38.110 Site plan review.

Repealed by Ord. 22-08. (Ord. 07-05 § 6, 2007)