Chapter 17.52


17.52.010    Purpose.

17.52.020    Permissive uses.

17.52.030    Accessory uses.

17.52.040    Conditional uses.

17.52.050    Lot area and width.

17.52.060    Setbacks.

17.52.070    Maximum land coverage.

17.52.080    Building height.

17.52.090    Landscaping.

17.52.100    Parking.

17.52.110    Repealed.

17.52.120    Site plan review.

17.52.010 Purpose.

The intent of these regulations is to provide areas within the community that are available for public uses and to have master plans prepared for those uses. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.020 Permissive uses.

Permitted primary uses in the P district shall include:

A. Institutions such as schools, colleges, hospitals, sanitariums, convalescent centers and charitable uses;

B. Churches with a lot area greater than three-quarter acre, memorial buildings, community clubhouses and museums;

C. Governmental buildings, including police and fire stations;

D. Public parks over one-half acre in size;

E. Cemeteries. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.030 Accessory uses.

Permitted accessory uses in the P district shall include those uses and activities customarily associated with and necessary to the operation of the permitted primary use. This shall include day nurseries and preschools associated with the permitted uses. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.040 Conditional uses.

Uses permitted by a conditional use permit in the P district shall include:

A. Parking lots located separately from a permitted primary use. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.050 Lot area and width.

There are no limitations on lot area and width. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.060 Setbacks.

Minimum setback requirements are as follows:

A. Front yard: 25 feet on arterial streets and 20 feet on all other streets. A building on a corner lot shall observe the minimum setback on both sides;

B. Side yard: 15 feet on each side;

C. Rear yard: 20 feet on each side. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.070 Maximum land coverage.

Maximum land coverage by buildings shall be 35 percent or as approved in the master plan. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.080 Building height.

Maximum building height in the P district shall be four stories, but not more than 50 feet. Building height in excess of four stories or 50 feet may be approved through the conditional use process. Uninhabitable portions of structures such as a church spire, fleche, campanile or high nave, a dome and lantern or a clock tower may be permitted to exceed the height limit provided such appurtenances are not intended as advertising devices. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.090 Landscaping.

Landscaping shall be required pursuant to the terms of Chapter 17.72 EWMC. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.100 Parking.

The off-street parking requirements shall be as set forth in EWMC 17.72.010, as the same exists now or may hereafter be amended. (Ord. 02-18 § 1, 2002; Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.110 Signs.

Repealed by Ord. 2000-03. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)

17.52.120 Site plan review.

All developments in this district shall be subject to a site plan review as provided in Chapter 17.80 EWMC. (Ord. 91-5 § 2, 1991)