Chapter 8.08


8.08.010    Removal by owner required.

8.08.020    Enforcement by council resolution--Notice required.

8.08.030    Removal by city--Costs to become lien against property.

*    For statutory provisions authorizing cities to remove, at the owner’s expense, any vegetation posing a threat to public health or safety, see RCW 35.21.310.

8.08.010 Removal by owner required.

The owners of any property within the city shall remove or destroy all trees, plants, shrubs or vegetation, or parts thereof, which overhang any sidewalk or street or which are growing thereon in such manner as to obstruct or impair the free and full use of any sidewalk or street by the public. They shall further remove or destroy all grass, weeds, shrubs, bushes, trees or vegetation growing or which has grown and died upon property owned or occupied by such owner and which is a fire hazard or a menace to public health, safety or welfare. (Ord. 439 §1, 1962).

8.08.020 Enforcement by council resolution--Notice required.

Proceedings to enforce Section 8.08.010 shall be initiated by resolution of the city council, adopted after not fewer than five days’ notice to the owner of such property, which notice shall describe the property involved and the hazardous condition. (Ord. 439 §2, 1962).

8.08.030 Removal by city--Costs to become lien against property.

In the event such removal or destruction is not made by the owner after notice given as required in Section 8.08.020, the city will cause the removal or destruction of such weeds or vegetation and the cost to the city shall become a charge against the owner of the property involved and a lien against the property. Notice of such lien shall be as nearly as practicable in substantially the same form, filed with the same officer within the same time and manner, and enforced and foreclosed as is provided by law for liens for labor and material. (Ord. 439 §3, 1962).