Title 7


7.03    General Public Nuisances

7.05    Specific Public Nuisances

7.10    Noise

7.15    Graffiti

7.20    Junk and Junk Vehicles

7.25    Shopping Carts


Cross references: Appeal procedure, Chapter 1.25 FWRC; state public nuisance statutes adopted, Chapter 6.70 FWRC; littering and polluting prohibited, FWRC 6.75.020; animal nuisances, FWRC 9.18.100 and 9.18.110; solid waste public nuisances, FWRC 11.20.120; building code violations, FWRC 13.05.070; restrictions regarding fences, FWRC 19.125.120 et seq.

State law references: Buildings, construction standards, RCW 35A.70.040 et seq.; weeds, rodents and pests, RCW 17.04.010 et seq.; public health and safety, RCW 70.01.010 et seq.