Chapter 1.25


1.25.010    Definition.

1.25.020    General appeals.

1.25.010 Definition.

For purposes of this chapter, the phrase “final action” shall mean approval and adoption of formal findings and conclusions where such are required or the issuance of the final administrative opinion or determination where findings and conclusions are not required.

(Ord. No. 89-13, § 1, 12-19-89. Code 2001 § 2-181.)

Cross reference: Definitions and rules of construction generally, FWRC 1.05.020.

1.25.020 General appeals.

In the absence of a specific provision in state statutes or in an applicable city ordinance or this Code establishing an appeal period from any final action of the city council, a hearing examiner, any board, any commission, etc., or an administrative official for which there is no further right of administrative appeal, a writ or other appropriate appeal action must be filed with the court having jurisdiction over the matter within 14 days of the date of the final action or decision being appealed from.

(Ord. No. 89-13, § 1, 12-19-89. Code 2001 § 2-182.)


Cross references: City council, Chapter 2.10 FWRC; planning commission, Chapter 2.90 FWRC; hearing examiner, Chapter 2.95 FWRC; finance, FWRC Title 3, Division II; park regulations, Chapter 4.05 FWRC; streets and sidewalks, FWRC Title 4, Division II; nuisances, FWRC Title 7; bicycles, Chapter 8.25 FWRC; utilities and solid waste, FWRC Title 11; licenses and business regulations, FWRC Title 12; right to a hearing regarding violation of the security alarm policy and procedures, FWRC 12.50.090.