Title 11


Division I. Electrical and Communication

11.05    Electric Installation

11.10    Cable Communication Systems

Division II. Solid Waste

11.15    Solid Waste in General

11.20    Solid Waste Collection Regulations

11.25    Solid Waste Collection Companies

11.30    Solid Waste Rates, Charges, and Billing Procedures

Division III. Surface Water Utility

11.35    Surface Water Utility in General

11.40    Surface Water Policy

11.45    Surface Water Rates and Charges

11.50    Surface Water Billing Procedure


Cross references: Appeal procedure, Chapter 1.25 FWRC; littering and polluting prohibited, FWRC 6.75.020; plumbing code, Chapter 13.25 FWRC; regulations and requirements for moving buildings in the city, Chapter 13.45 FWRC; water quality requirements in the zoning regulations, Chapter 16.45 FWRC; subdivision required improvements, Chapter 18.60 FWRC; public improvement assessments in subdivisions, Chapter 18.65 FWRC; methods to mitigate development impacts, Chapter 19.100 FWRC; distance requirements for planting of certain trees in rights-of-way or near utilities, FWRC 19.125.110; utilities required improvements, FWRC 19.135.180.