Title 13


13.11    General

13.16    Building Code

13.20    Five-Story Type VA Buildings

13.22    Residential Code

13.26    Mechanical Code

13.28    Existing Building Code

13.31    Fire Code

13.34    Plumbing Code

13.38    Electrical Code

13.40    Swimming Pool Code

13.41    Energy Code

13.42    Factory Assembled Structures Code

13.43    Property Maintenance Code

13.45    Moving Buildings

13.47    International Wildland-Urban Interface Code


Cross references: Erosion and sedimentation supplementary district regulations, FWRC 7.05.020; junk and junkyards prohibited, FWRC 7.20.020; alarm installation policy and procedures, Chapter 12.50 FWRC; compliance with all building and construction regulations required regardless of nonconformity of the use or structure, FWRC 19.30.190; building site requirements, FWRC 19.105.010; restrictions on development activities and heavy equipment operations in zoning districts, FWRC 19.105.040; density and dimension requirements in the district regulations, Chapter 19.110 FWRC; land modification restrictions and requirements, Chapter 19.120 FWRC; yard requirements for driveways, parking areas, fences, structure protruding beyond exterior walls of a structure, retaining walls, walkways, and certain other improvements or structures, FWRC 19.125.160; driveway requirements, FWRC 19.135.260 et seq.; flood damage prevention, Chapter 19.142 FWRC; administration of the provisions regarding environmentally critical areas, Chapter 19.145 FWRC, Article I; temporary buildings or trailers for construction and real estate sales offices restricted, FWRC 19.275.110.

State law references: Codes adopted by reference, RCW 35A.12.140, 35A.13.180; building construction standards, RCW 35A.70.040, 70.86.010 et seq.; state building code, minimum standards, RCW 19.27.010 et seq.; electrical code, RCW 35A.70.050, 19.28.010 et seq., 19.28.360; electrical inspectors, RCW 19.28.070, 19.28.210; electrical standards, RCW 35A.70.050, 19.28.010 et seq., 19.28.360; inspections, RCW 19.28.070, 19.28.210.