Chapter 2.26


2.26.010    Position created.

2.26.020    Scope of authority.

2.26.010 Position created.

There is created the position of City Attorney. The City Attorney shall serve as an independent contractor with the City of Ferndale under the direction of the City Administrator. (Ord. 2178 § 1 (Att. 1), 2021)

2.26.020 Scope of authority.

Under the direction and authority of the City Administrator, the City Attorney shall be responsible for providing legal advice and guidance on all City operations, with the exception of the Ferndale Municipal Court.

A.    At the request of City staff and as required by law, the City Attorney shall review all ordinances, modifications to the Ferndale Municipal Code or Comprehensive Plan, and any pending actions by the legislative or executive branches of City government to determine the legal authority and basis of such actions.

B.    The City Attorney shall defend the City against legal actions.

1.    Nothing shall prevent the City from contracting with alternative legal counsel to advise on specific subject matter or to act as a legal representative on behalf of the City. (Ord. 2178 § 1 (Att. 1), 2021)