Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Created – Appointment.

2.28.020    Members – Term.

2.28.030    Members – Removal.

2.28.040    Members – Quorum.

2.28.050    Officers and meetings.

2.28.060    Rules and regulations.

2.28.070    Powers and duties.

2.28.080    Civil service – Eligibility.

2.28.010 Created – Appointment.

There is created in the City a Civil Service Commission which shall be composed of three persons. The members of such Commission shall be appointed by the Mayor and the members shall serve without compensation. No person shall be appointed a member of such Commission who is not a citizen of the United States, a resident of the City for at least three years immediately preceding such appointment, and an elector of the county. (Ord. 1366 § 2, 2005; Ord. 503 § 1, 1975)

2.28.020 Members – Term.

The term of office of such Commissioners shall be for six years, except that the first three members of such Commission shall be appointed for different terms, as follows: one to serve for a period of two years, one to serve for a period of four years, and one to serve for a period of six years. (Ord. 503 § 1, 1975)

2.28.030 Members – Removal.

Any member of such Commission may be removed from office for incompetency, incapability or dereliction of duty, malfeasance in office or other good cause. (Ord. 503 § 1, 1975)

2.28.040 Members – Quorum.

Two members of such Commission shall constitute a quorum, and votes of any two members of such Commission concurring shall be sufficient for the decision of all matters and the transaction of all business to be decided or transacted by the Commission under or by virtue of the provisions of this chapter and Chapter 41.12 RCW. (Ord. 503 § 1, 1975)

2.28.050 Officers and meetings.

A.    Immediately after appointment, the Commission shall organize by electing one of its members as chairman, and shall hold meetings as may be required for the proper discharge of their duties.

B.    The Commission shall appoint a secretary and chief examiner who shall keep the records of the Commission, preserve all reports made to it, superintend and keep records of all examinations held under its direction, and perform such other duties as the Commission may prescribe. The office of the secretary and the chief examiner shall be composed of one person, and applications shall be accepted from any person, including employees of the City, but excluding members of the Police Department. (Ord. 1366 § 3, 2005; Ord. 503 §§ 2, 3, 1975)

2.28.060 Rules and regulations.

The Commission shall make and provide for suitable rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of Chapter 41.12 RCW, and such rules and regulations shall provide in detail the manner in which examinations may be held, appointments, promotions, transfers, reinstatements, demotions, suspensions and discharges shall be made, and may also provide for any other matters connected with the general subject of personnel administration, and which may be considered desirable to further carry out the general purposes of this chapter, or which may be found to be in the interest of good personnel administration. Such rules and regulations may be changed from time to time. The rules and regulations and any amendments thereto shall be printed, mimeographed or multigraphed for free public distribution. (Ord. 503 § 4, 1975)

2.28.070 Powers and duties.

A.    The Commission shall have the power and authority to make investigations and report on all matters touching the enforcement and effect of the provisions of this chapter, Chapter 41.12 RCW and the rules and regulations as adopted by the Commission; and that in the course of such investigation, the Commission or Commissioner shall have the power to administer oath, subpoena and require the attendance of witnesses and the production by them of books, papers, documents and accounts pertaining to the investigation and also to cause a deposition of witnesses residing within or without the state, to be taken in the manner prescribed by law for like depositions and civil actions in superior court. The oath administered hereunder and the subpoenas issued hereunder shall have the same force and effect as the oaths administered by a superior court judge in his judicial capacity.

B.    The Commission shall have the power and authority to hear and determine appeals or complaints respecting the administrative work of the Personnel Department, and all hearings shall be informal and shall be conducted with the object of obtaining the facts in the matter and of arriving at a just and equitable conclusion. All hearings and investigations before the Commission shall be governed by this chapter, Chapter 41.12 RCW, and the rules of practice and procedure adopted by the Commission. (Ord. 503 §§ 5, 6, 1975)

2.28.080 Civil service – Eligibility.

All full paid police officers holding a position in the City Police Department, excluding those officers who have not completed their probationary period, shall be covered by the provisions of this chapter.

The position of Police Chief shall be exempt according to the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA). This position is also exempt from the classified Civil Service Commission of the City. (Ord. 1366 § 1, 2005)