Chapter 16.09


16.09.010    Exempt signs.

16.09.020    Prohibited signs.

16.09.030    Unauthorized signs in, on, or over a public right-of-way.

16.09.010 Exempt signs.

The following signs do not require a permit for installation. All other provisions of this chapter apply.

A. Real estate signs on private property;

B. Temporary noncommercial signs in conformance to FMC 16.04.100;

C. Temporary construction related signs;

D. Municipal signs installed by the public works department;

E. Flags subject to FMC 16.02.140;

F. Legal notices, identification, traffic, or other signs erected or required by governmental authority under any law, statute or ordinance;

G. Seasonal holiday decorations not including any form of advertising or the name of a business;

H. Signs less than four square feet in off-street parking lots for the purpose of controlling parking. The name of the business may be included on such signs;

I. Signs on product dispensers permitted outside of a business. These signs may include signs on vending machines and gas pumps;

J. Menu boards for drive-through businesses; provided, that the copy on the sign is not intended to be readable from a public right-of-way;

K. Balloons as defined in FMC 16.02.030;

L. Signs displaying an instruction, warning or security message, such as but not limited to “No Trespassing,” “No Hunting,” “Property Protected by…” etc. The maximum sign area shall not exceed one and one-half square feet;

M. Murals as defined in FMC 16.02.300. However, a rendition of the mural shall be reviewed and approved by the community development director prior to placement to ensure that it meets the definition of a “mural”; and

N. Temporary window signs that are located inside a window and visible from the exterior of a building. (Ord. 2004 § 1 (Exh. A), 2019; Ord. 1833 § 13, 2013; Ord. 1488-03 § 1, 2003).

16.09.020 Prohibited signs.

The following signs shall not be permitted in any zoning district:

A. Roof and roof-top signs;

B. Signs which pose a hazard to public health or safety, as determined by the community development director;

C. Signs which make use of words such as “Stop,” “Look,” “One-Way,” “Danger,” “Yield,” or any similar word, phrase, symbol, or light so as to interfere or be confused with pedestrian or vehicular public safety signs;

D. Signs displaying obscene matter, as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court;

E. Signs which obstruct ingress or egress from fire escapes, doors, windows, or other exits or entrances;

F. Signs mounted or painted on stationary motor vehicles, trailers, and related devices in order to circumvent the intent of this chapter. Franchised buses or taxis are exempt from this chapter;

G. Signs not properly maintained, showing neglect or in a dilapidated or hazardous condition so as to violate the purpose, intent and objectives of this chapter;

H. Off-premises signs, except as permitted for agricultural businesses – seasonal under Chapter 16.04A FMC or permitted under Chapter 16.11 FMC;

I. Rotating and revolving signs;

J. Electronic messaging display center which displays an image at a speed greater than 30 frames per second; and

K. Any other type or kind of sign which does not comply with the terms, conditions, provisions, and intent contained in this chapter and other applicable ordinances. (Ord. 1777 § 1 (Exh. A), 2012; Ord. 1488-03 § 1, 2003).

16.09.030 Unauthorized signs in, on, or over a public right-of-way.

Unauthorized signs or other advertising devices either in, or fully or partially supported on, or projecting over the public right-of-way are not allowed and may be removed by the community development director without notice to the owner of the sign. (Ord. 1488-03 § 1, 2003).