Chapter 8.16


8.16.010    Authority.

8.16.020    Restrictions notice.

8.16.030    Violation--Penalty.

8.16.010 Authority.

The mayor shall have the authority to declare a water emergency and institute watering restrictions.  In the mayor’s absence, the public works supervisor shall have the authority to declare a water emergency.  (Ord. 1162, 1995:  Ord. 1023 §1, 1988)

8.16.020 Restrictions notice.

Notice of watering restrictions will be placed on the bulletin board at City Hall, on the local access channel of the cable T.V., on the local radio station, and in the local newspaper.  (Ord. 1023 §2, 1988)

8.16.030 Violation--Penalty.

Penalties for the violation of the watering restrictions during the course of the declared emergency shall be as follows:

A.    First violation, warning;

B.    Second violation, fifteen dollar fine;

C.    Third violation, fifty dollar fine;

D.    Additional violations, two hundred fifty dollar fine.  (Ord. 1023 §3, 1988)