Chapter 8.12


8.12.010    Weed control required.

8.12.020    City removal--Initiation of proceedings.

8.12.030    City removal--Notice.

8.12.040    Noxious weed list.

8.12.050    City removal--Action taken.

8.12.060    City removal--Lien for costs.

8.12.070    Penalty--Civil infraction.

8.12.010 Weed control required.

The owner of each parcel of real property in the city shall cause to be accomplished, and be responsible for, the removal/eradication/destruction/elimination of all weeds and/or vegetation on their respective properties which are on the noxious weed list of the city.  In addition, such owner shall not allow weeds, tall grass, or other vegetation to exist in a dried form such that it constitutes a fire hazard, and should this occur, the owner shall cause to be removed or destroyed all debris and vegetation, in a manner permitted by law, upon the property to eliminate the fire hazard or noxious weed hazard.  The weed control in parking strips between curbs and sidewalks shall be the responsibility of the abutting property owner.  (Ord. 1103 (part), 1993:  prior code §6.12.010)

8.12.020 City removal--Initiation of proceedings.

Whenever the owner fails to maintain his, her, or its property in accordance with Section 8.12.010, proceedings may be initiated by the city manager or delegate to correct the problem after sufficient notice to the owner by city staff.  (Ord. 1103 (part), 1993:  prior code §6.12.020)

8.12.030 City removal--Notice.

Sufficient notice shall consist of a written notice hand-delivered with certification of the delivery, or mailed by certified mail to the last known address of the owner or as is recorded in the county treasurer’s office.  Notice shall allow at least five days’ for compliance unless the situation is sufficiently hazardous to justify earlier action as determined and declared by the city manager or delegate in the motion referred to in Section 8.12.020.  (Ord. 1103 (part), 1993:  prior code §6.12:4330)

8.12.040 Noxious weed list.

A noxious weed list shall be maintained by the city which shall designate certain weeds as noxious, offensive and intolerable.  The noxious weed list may be changed from time to time by council resolution.  It is the intent to cooperate with other governmental weed control agencies as well as to establish a weed control plan for Goldendale.  (Ord. 1103 (part), 1993:  prior code §8.12.040)

8.12.050 City removal--Action taken.

If the destruction, removal or elimination is not made by the owner after notice given as described in this chapter, the city may take such action as necessary to correct the problem by city forces or contracts, and the costs thereof shall become a debt of the owner of the property, and the city shall have a lien upon the involved parcel or parcels of property to secure payment of such debt.  (Ord. 1103 (part), 1993:  prior code §6.12.050)

8.12.060 City removal--Lien for costs.

The notice of lien shall be filed with the county auditor and enforced and foreclosed as is provided by laws of the state for foreclosure of real estate mortgages.  (Ord. 1103 (part), 1993:  prior code §6.12.060)

8.12.070 Penalty--Civil infraction.

A.    Any person violating this chapter, shall be deemed to have committed a class one civil infraction and shall be subject to a maximum penalty of one hundred dollars, not including statutory assessments; this section may be enforced separately and in addition to the liens process enumerated elsewhere in this chapter.

B.    Each violation or noncompliance shall be corrected within the time limits set out in this chapter and, each day thereafter that a prohibited condition is maintained shall constitute a separate offense.  (Ord. 1135, 1994)