Chapter 5.22


5.22.010    Alcoholic beverages.

5.22.020    Permission for alcoholic beverages in Country Park Events Center.

5.22.010 Alcoholic beverages.

Except as permitted by the Washington Liquor Act, RCW Title 66, GMC 9.20.020 and 12.20.110, and as set forth in this section, no person, group or organization shall open a package containing liquor or consume liquor in a public place, nor building or park owned or operated by the city without complying with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 2008-27 § 2).

5.22.020 Permission for alcoholic beverages in Country Park Events Center.

Nonprofit organizations seeking permission to conduct an activity in Country Park Events Center or any buildings in Country Park Events Center involving the consumption of wine and/or beer of any kind shall first complete an application which can be obtained at the parks and recreation department. Said application shall then be reviewed and approved, denied, or approved with additional conditions by the parks and recreation director and the police chief.

Provided, however, that an applicant whose application has been denied may appeal to the city council by notice to the city clerk within 10 days of such denial. Upon receipt of an appeal, the city clerk shall place the matter on the next council’s agenda. The city council’s decision on appeal shall be final.

Approval of such activity shall be conditional upon the following requirements:

A. The applicants must have a valid permit from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board appropriate for the type of activity to be conducted and may not have more than two events per year involving consumption of wine and/or beer.

B. The consumption of liquor, as defined by RCW 66.04.010(10), shall be limited solely to wine and/or beer in Country Park Events Center only and shall be confined to 10 events per year. An “event” may not be longer than three days in duration.

C. Approved applicants may serve wine and/or beer only during those times as approved by the police chief, but in no event shall alcohol be served before 12:00 p.m. nor later than 11:30 p.m. regardless of the time of the beginning or completion of the event.

D. Entities or organizations eligible to conduct an activity in Country Park Events Center or buildings located in Country Park Events Center involving the consumption of wine and/or beer, as described in subsection B of this section, shall be limited to responsible groups or organizations as determined by the police chief.

E. All wine and/or beer served at approved events must be served either:

1. In an enclosed building; or

2. In a defined, fenced-off area as designated in the application and approved by the police chief.

Any such serving area must have a single ingress and egress where all persons entering such designated area can be identified as being over the age of 21 years. The approved organization shall provide security as is designated by the police chief, or his designee, and shall ensure that no one under the age of 21 is allowed into the designated area and that no one is allowed to overindulge while in the area and that no alcoholic beverages leave the designated area. All security personnel used shall be licensed and bonded.

F. All applications for permission to serve alcoholic beverages under this section must be reviewed by the police chief or his designee, and he shall assess the application and impose those security regulations that in his opinion are necessary to ensure that the intent of this section is carried out.

In addition to any requirements of the police chief, all such organizations approved and, as a condition of approval, shall have, at a minimum, one person who has undergone mandatory alcohol server training (MAST) on duty at the event at all times during its operation. Servers shall receive such training as is approved by the police chief and shall be conducted by an individual who has undergone the mandatory alcohol server training.

G. All organizations granted permission to serve or consume wine and/or beer must comply with all federal, state and city rules, regulations and ordinances dealing with liquor and with the use of Country Park Events Center and the city facilities located therein.

H. The city may require a deposit to ensure that no damage or expense is borne by the city for such activity, and may set any other reasonable conditions to the use of city facilities.

I. The police chief may, upon good cause, cause the permit granted herewith to be withdrawn and, upon notification thereof, said applicant or organization shall discontinue such activity. (Ord. 2016-9 § 1; Ord. 2012-15 § 1; Ord. 2008-27 § 2).