Chapter 3.43


3.43.010    Purpose.

3.43.020    Fee.

3.43.030    Collection of fee.

3.43.040    Payment of the fee to county treasurer.

3.43.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to authorize the juvenile court diversion program of Jefferson County to charge fees to cover the costs of the administration and operation of diversion services provided under RCW 13.40.085. [Ord. 13-04 § 1]

3.43.020 Fee.

The fee for each case shall be $35.00; provided, that no juvenile who is eligible for diversion as provided in Chapter 13.40 RCW may be denied diversion services based on an inability to pay for the services.

A second tier fee of $50.00 will be charged for a second diversion. The juvenile court administrator shall have final authority to determine if the fee will be waived. [Ord. 13-04 § 2]

3.43.030 Collection of fee.

The superior court clerk of Jefferson County shall collect this fee in the same manner that other fees and charges are collected. [Ord. 13-04 § 3]

3.43.040 Payment of the fee to county treasurer.

Upon collection, the superior court clerk of Jefferson County shall remit the fee to the Jefferson County treasurer in accordance with the schedule set for the collection of fees. [Ord. 13-04 § 4]