Chapter 3.45


3.45.010    Procedure established.

3.45.020    Delinquency when.

3.45.010 Procedure established.

The proceedings to foreclose delinquent special assessments shall be commenced on or before December 31st of that year in which two or more installments of the assessments are delinquent or other conditions precedent established by RCW 35.50.030 have been established. [Ord. 2-90 § 1]

3.45.020 Delinquency when.

Upon failure to pay any installment due the entire assessment shall become due and payable and the collection thereof enforced by foreclosure; provided, that the payment of all delinquent installments together with interest, penalty and costs at any time before the entry of judgment in foreclosure shall extend the time of payment on the remainder of the assessments as if there had been no delinquency or foreclosure. [Ord. 2-90 § 2]