Title 8


8.00    Board of Health

8.01    Environmental Health Civil Enforcement

I. Health Department

8.05    Food Service Sanitation

8.10    Solid Waste Regulations

8.15    On-Site Sewage Code

II. General Health Regulations

8.20    Assemblies

8.25    Sanitary and Safety Measures in County Parks

8.30    Litter Control

8.35    Repealed

8.40    Boating Safety

8.45    Cattle Disease – Testing

8.50    Shooting in the County

8.55    Illegal Drug Manufacturing and Storage

8.60    Smoking and Vaping in Public Places, Places of Employment, and Outdoor Places Where Children Congregate

8.65    Clean Water District

8.70    Noise Control

8.75    Fireworks and Sky Lanterns

8.80    Registration and Regulation of Alarm Systems

8.85    Code of Conduct and Trespass from County Facilities

8.90    Public Nuisances