Chapter 10.05


10.05.010    Statutes adopted by reference.

10.05.020    Sections not adopted.

10.05.030    Unclaimed bicycles.

10.05.040    Speed limits.

10.05.050    Unmuffled compression brakes.

10.05.010 Statutes adopted by reference.

The Washington Model Traffic Ordinance, Chapter 46.90 RCW, is hereby adopted by reference as set forth in full in this chapter except as provided in JCC 10.05.020. [Ord. 11-98 § 1]

10.05.020 Sections not adopted.

The following sections of the Washington Model Traffic Ordinance are not adopted by reference and are expressly deleted: RCW 46.90.250, 46.90.500 through 46.90.540, 46.90.560, and 46.90.565. [Ord. 11-98 § 2]

10.05.030 Unclaimed bicycles.

All unclaimed bicycles in the custody of the Jefferson County sheriff’s department shall be disposed of as provided in Chapter 63.40 RCW. [Ord. 11-98 § 3]

10.05.040 Speed limits.

(1) Findings. RCW 46.61.400 establishes the maximum speed limit on all county roads in Jefferson County, Washington at 50 miles per hour, except as otherwise provided by statute or county resolution/ordinance; and

RCW 46.61.415 permits local authorities to decrease or increase the maximum legal speed limit on county roads on the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation finding that the maximum speed is greater or less than is reasonably safe; and

The county engineer has conducted an engineering and traffic investigation and has determined reasonable and safe maximum speed limits on county roads; and

The county engineer has specifically identified certain roads and the reasonable and safe maximum speed limits thereon as specified by reference as Exhibit A1, attached to Resolution 12-21; and

The county engineer is directed to mark school zone speed limits as established by RCW 46.61.440.

(2) There are hereby created and adopted by reference new speed limits on county roads, shown as Exhibit A, attached to Resolution 12-21.

(3) Revisions to Exhibit A shall be adopted by resolution after completing an engineering and traffic investigation, proper public notification and public hearing. The resolution revising Exhibit A will repeal and replace the previously adopted version.

(4) The maximum speed limit in construction zones, as defined in RCW 46.61.527(1) and other applicable law, on all County roads shall be 25 miles per hour to protect the public and the workers, and that traffic fines shall be doubled within such zones when posted as such. [Res. 12-21; Res. 59-18; Res. 34-13; Res. 39-10; Ord. 6-01; Ord. 11-98 § 4]

10.05.050 Unmuffled compression brakes.

(1) RCW 46.37.390 establishes requirements for mufflers on motor vehicles. There are several areas of the county where unmuffled engine compression brakes are used regularly and the use of said brakes is not in the best interest of the public health and general welfare.

(2) The use of unmuffled compression brakes shall be prohibited and such prohibition shall be applicable to all public highways or portions thereof when posted with appropriate signage. No persons shall use motor vehicle brakes which are in any way activated or operated by the compression of the engine of said motor vehicle or any unit or part thereof, unless said braking system is equipped with a functional muffler.

(3) The county engineer shall post and maintain signs designating the roadways or portions thereof where the use of unmuffled compression braking systems have been prohibited in Jefferson County. The prohibition shall be in full force and effective immediately upon the posting of the roads.

(4) Any person or persons violating these provisions shall have committed a traffic infraction and a penalty of $100.00 shall be imposed. Violations shall be enforced by such authorities and in such manner as set forth in Chapters 46.63 and 46.64 RCW. The fine shall not apply if an emergency situation exists and the use of unmuffled engine compression brakes is necessary for the protection of persons or property. [Ord. 11-98 § 5]


Code reviser’s note: Adopted schedules of county speed limits are on file in the office of the clerk of the board of commissioners.