Title 17


Division I. Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort

17.05    General Provisions

17.10    Single-Family Zone (MPR-SF)

17.15    Single-Family Tract Zone (MPR-SFT)

17.20    Multifamily Zone (MPR-MF)

17.25    Resort Complex/Community Facilities Zone (MPR-RC/CF)

17.30    Village Commercial Center Zone (MPR-VC)

17.35    Recreation Area Zone (MPR-RA)

17.40    Open Space Reserve Zone (MPR-OSR)

17.45    Development Cap

17.50    Resort Development

Division II. Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort

17.60    General Provisions

17.65    Golf Resort (MPR-GR Zone)

17.70    Open Space Reserve (MPR-OSR)

17.75    Marina – Maritime Village (MPR-MV)

17.80    Pleasant Harbor Resort Development

17.85    Limitation of Permit Approval, Extinguishment and Severability


For the current provisions on land divisions formerly codified in Division I of this title and repealed by Ord. 11-00, see Chapter 18.35 JCC.

Code reviser’s note: The provisions of Ordinance 8-99, as codified in Division I of this title, also appeared as Appendix B to Ordinance 11-00.