Chapter 12.22


12.22.010  Parks and recreation board approval required.

12.22.020  Affected parks.

12.22.030  Proceeds from sale—Use.

12.22.010 Parks and recreation board approval required.

In the event the city should consider the sale of the parks or a portion of any of the parks identified in Section 12.22.020, final determination of such proposal shall be preceded by a recommendation of the Kelso parks and recreation board. In the event the parks and recreation board does not concur in the proposed sale, the sale shall not occur. (Ord. 3214 § 1, 1993)

12.22.020 Affected parks.

The following parks, identified in Exhibit A attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter and on file in the city clerk's office, and incorporated herein shall be subject to the procedure and safeguards set forth in Section 12.22.010:

A. Tam O'Shanter Park, including Miller Field;

B. Highland Park;

C. Catlin Pool;

D. Riverfront Park;

E. Commons Park;

F. Elm Street Park;

G. Rhododendron Park;

H. Peter Crawford Land Claim. (Ord. 3214 § 2, 1993)

12.22.030 Proceeds from sale—Use.

Proceeds from the sale of any of the parks identified in Section 12.22.020 shall be placed in a capital reserve fund. Such funds shall normally be used only for acquisition of additional park property; provided, however, income (if any) derived from investment of such funds may be used for major capital improvements to existing park property upon recommendation of the park and recreation board. (Ord. 3214 § 3, 1993)