Chapter 2.58


2.58.010    Valley Independent Investigative Team – City membership.

2.58.020    Non-law enforcement community representatives – Qualifications, duties, appointment, and term.

2.58.010 Valley Independent Investigative Team – City membership.

The city of Kent is a member of the Valley Independent Investigative Team, also known by the acronym VIIT. VIIT is a multi-jurisdictional team that includes a number of area law enforcement agencies, created pursuant to Chapter 10.93 RCW and in conformance with Chapter 139-12 WAC, for the purposes of establishing a process for the independent investigation of incidents involving police officers. VIIT includes law enforcement representatives from each member agency, together with non-law enforcement community representatives who are, in accordance with WAC 139-12-030, appointed by the police chiefs of each member agency.

(Ord. No. 4406, § 9, 7-6-21)

2.58.020 Non-law enforcement community representatives – Qualifications, duties, appointment, and term.

A. Qualifications. Community representatives eligible for appointment by the police chief to VIIT shall have credibility with and ties to the communities impacted by police use of deadly force, and must agree to sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of any investigation that will remain in effect until the prosecutor of the jurisdiction either declines to file charges or the criminal case is concluded. Violation of a confidentiality agreement once signed may be a punishable crime.

B. Duties. Once appointed, and subject to the terms of any confidentiality agreement, non-law enforcement community representatives will perform those duties as provided for by Chapter 139-12 WAC and VIIT’s organizational and operational guidelines.

C. Provisions governing appointment of non-law enforcement community representatives to serve VIIT.

1. Chapter 139-12 WAC currently provides that independent investigative teams must include at least two non-law enforcement community representatives. Under the mutual aid agreement that governs VIIT operations, each member agency, acting through its respective police chief, may appoint one or more non-law enforcement community representatives from their respective jurisdictions to serve on VIIT, which appointments may be subject to further approval by the VIIT executive board. The number of community representatives appointed from any jurisdiction and selected to serve VIIT will be at the discretion of each agency’s police chief and the VIIT executive board.

2. The police chief will create a transparent process for soliciting names of individuals and creating a roster of individuals willing to serve on VIIT as non-law enforcement community representatives. The solicitation process utilized shall further the goals expressed by council in KCC 2.50.060 in seeking individuals qualified to serve.

3. Community representative appointments will be recommended by the police chief, made by the mayor, and presented to the city council for confirmation.

4. Selected community representatives shall serve as provided for by the mutual aid agreement and VIIT’s operational policies and procedures.

D. Term. The term served by non-law enforcement community representatives shall be as the law or VIIT operational policies and procedures provide.

(Ord. No. 4406, § 9, 7-6-21)