Chapter 6.03


6.03.010    Fees designated.

*Cross reference(s) – Department of public works, ch. 2.28; environmental policy, ch. 11.03; flood hazard regulations, ch. 14.09.

6.03.010 Fees designated.

A. The city’s public works department is responsible for the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of a complex network of rights-of-way and public easements, including the placement of private utility facilities such as gas, electrical, telephone, fiber optic, and other lines and conduits. As a result, the public works and economic and community development departments are responsible for plan review, plan approval, inspection, and acceptance of all construction within any public easement or right-of-way and all public works improvements, such as streets, sidewalks, and walkways, street lighting systems, storm drainage systems (public and private), and public and private utilities. Accordingly, the city incurs substantial costs in both time and materials to provide these services, and it is necessary and appropriate to charge fees for those services. As a result, the city council shall, by resolution, establish the fees to be assessed to implement and operate the codes adopted by this chapter. The resolution may require that certain fees be pre-paid and/or designated to be nonrefundable because staff time and materials will be expended whether or not the permit applied for is approved by the city or pulled by the applicant. In the event of any conflict or ambiguity regarding any fees established by council resolution, the public works director is authorized to interpret the fee schedule(s) to resolve that conflict or ambiguity.

B. In consideration of the mutual benefits received when another agency of the state (including, without limitation, counties, other cities, or special purpose districts) seeks to construct public improvements not intended for conveyance to the city but that will provide a regional benefit, the city will limit this fee to that portion of the work which affects the city’s interests, concerns, and improvements within and abutting the city’s rights-of-way.

C. Two (2) re-reviews of the construction plans are included with a plan review fee. Additional re-reviews, whether attributed to the developer’s action or inaction, shall be charged at an hourly rate established by resolution. A certain number of inspection hours may be designated for each inspection fee, and inspection time over and above the designated number of hours, whether attributed to the developer’s action or inaction, shall be charged at an hourly rate established by resolution.

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