Chapter 9.43


9.43.005    Findings.

9.43.010    Stay Out of Areas of Racing – Abbreviation.

9.43.015    SOAR orders.

9.43.020    SOAR orders – Issuance.

9.43.030    SOAR orders – Designated “no racing zones.”

9.43.040    SOAR orders – Violation.

9.43.005 Findings.

The zones listed in KCC 9.43.030 are frequented by illegal racers and those who attend illegal races. These zones attract illegal street racers and their spectators as the roads are straight, wide, and long, and traffic during the dark hours is not heavy. It is in these zones that street racers and their spectators cause damage to pavement, curbing, and street striping. Due to the volume of people that attend illegal street races in these zones, which can number in the hundreds, adjacent private property owners suffer economic loss due to the trash, human waste, and graffiti that is left behind. Street racers also cause damage to this private property by destroying planters and vegetation and parking lot black top. In addition, due to the high volume of people who attend illegal street races, there is a severe risk of danger to the street racers and their spectators. Spectators crowd the streets as vehicles race close by at excessive speeds. This uncontrolled racing environment has been known to cause serious injuries and death around the country. The zones listed in KCC 9.43.030 suffer a much higher incidence of illegal street racing and race attendance than other zones or areas of the city. (Ord. No. 3738, § 2, 4-5-05)

9.43.010 Stay Out of Areas of Racing – Abbreviation.

As used in this title, the acronym “SOAR” represents “Stay Out of Areas of Racing.”

(Ord. No. 3557, § 2, 6-5-01; Ord. No. 3738, § 2, 4-5-05)

9.43.015 SOAR orders.

A SOAR order prohibits persons from engaging in racing or unlawful race attendance within a “No Racing Zone,” as set forth in KCC 9.43.030.

(Ord. No. 3557, § 2, 6-5-01; Ord. No. 3598, § 2, 4-16-02; Ord. No. 3738, § 2, 4-5-05)

9.43.020 SOAR orders – Issuance.

A. The municipal court may issue a SOAR order to any person charged with racing, unlawful race attendance, reckless driving associated with race activity, or trespass associated with race activity as a condition of pre-trial release, sentence, or deferred sentence.

B. A person is deemed to have notice of the SOAR order when:

1. The signature of either the person named in the order or that of his or her attorney is affixed to the bottom of the order, which signature shall signify the person named in the order has read the order and has knowledge of the contents of the order; or

2. The order recites that the person named in the order, or his or her attorney, has appeared in person before the court at the time of issuance of the order.

C. The written SOAR order shall contain the court’s directives and shall bear the statement: “Violation of this order is a criminal offense under KCC 9.43.030 and will subject the violator to arrest.”

(Ord. No. 3557, § 2, 6-5-01; Ord. No. 3738, § 2, 4-5-05)

9.43.030 SOAR orders – Designated “no racing zones.”

A. Designated zones. The SOAR order may apply to any of the following “no racing zones”:

1. 54th Avenue South from South 228th Street to the end of the road at the 22500 block.

2. 58th Place South from Russell Road to South 194th Way.

3. 59th Place South from South 212th Street to South 199th Place.

4. 62nd Avenue South from South 199th Place to South 190th Street.

5. 64th Avenue South from James Street to South 212th Street.

6. 72nd Avenue South from 220th Street to South 180th Street.

7. 76th Avenue South (signage reads 76th Avenue) from South 228th Street (signage reads 228th St.) to South 212th Street.

8. 80th Avenue South from 196th Street to South 180th Street.

9. 85th Avenue South from South 202nd Street to South 198th Street.

10. 87th Avenue South from South 208th Street to South 198th Street.

11. 89th Avenue South (signage reads 89th) from the 20400 block to South 198th Street.

12. East Valley Highway from South 180th Street to South 196th Street.

13. South 180th Street from 68th Avenue South (West Valley Highway) to 84th Avenue South (East Valley Highway).

14. South 190th Street from 62nd Avenue South to 68th Avenue South.

15. South 194th Street and 58th Place South from 66th Avenue South to Russell Road.

16. South 199th Place from 59th Place South to 68th Avenue South (West Valley Highway).

17. South 202nd Street from 84th Avenue South (East Valley Highway) to 89th Avenue South.

18. South 226th Street from 54th Avenue South to 64th Avenue South.

19. Southeast Kent-Kangley Road from 124th Avenue Southeast to 132nd Avenue Southeast.

B. Adjoining areas included. These “no racing zones” include any highway, as that term is defined in RCW 46.04.197, together with adjoining property areas (such as sidewalks, entryways, landscaped areas, and parking areas) if those adjoining areas are being used for racing or unlawful race attendance.

C. Posting of signs. These “no racing zones” shall be designated by the placement of clear and conspicuous signs at all highway entrances to the no racing zone. At a minimum, these signs must include the following statements: “No Racing Zone; Race Attendance Prohibited; KCC 9.42.020.”

(Ord. No. 3557, § 2, 6-5-01; Ord. No. 3598, § 3, 4-16-02; Ord. No. 3738, § 2, 4-5-05; Ord. No. 3921, § 2, 6-16-09; Ord. No. 4467, § 1, 6-20-23)

9.43.040 SOAR orders – Violation.

A. In the event a police officer has probable cause to believe that a person has been issued a SOAR order as a condition of pre-trial release or a sentence imposed by the court and, in the officer’s presence, the person is seen violating or failing to comply with any requirement or restriction set forth in the SOAR order, the officer may arrest the violator without warrant for violation of the SOAR order and shall bring that person before the court that issued the order.

B. When a SOAR order is issued pursuant to this chapter and the person so named in the order has notice of the order, a violation of any of the provisions of the SOAR order is a gross misdemeanor and shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000) or imprisonment not to exceed more than one (1) year, or both.

(Ord. No. 3557, § 2, 6-5-01; Ord. No. 3738, § 2, 4-5-05)