Chapter 11.92


11.92.010    Adoption.

11.92.020    Definitions.

11.92.010 Adoption.

The Custodial Care Standards for Holding Facilities, as adopted by the board of directors of the Washington Association of Cities in the format prepared and approved by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, are hereby adopted by this reference, to be the custodial care standards for the Kirkland city jail, which jail facility is classified as a holding facility. A copy of said standards, as adopted herein by reference, shall be authenticated and recorded by the Kirkland city clerk. Not less than one copy of said standards, herein adopted by reference, shall be filed in the office of the Kirkland city clerk for use by the public. Not less than one copy thereof shall also be maintained in the offices of the Kirkland police department. (Ord. 4334 § 6 (part), 2011)

11.92.020 Definitions.

The following words or phrases as used in the custodial care standards, adopted by reference in Section 11.92.010, shall mean:

(1) “Body cavity” means the stomach or rectum of a person and the vagina of a female person. For the purposes of this chapter, the mouth is not a body cavity.

(2) “Body cavity search” means the touching or probing of a person’s body cavity, whether or not there is actual penetration of the body cavity.

(3) “Chief law enforcement officer” means the Kirkland chief of police.

(4) “Contraband” means any substance or item not specifically permitted by jail administration.

(5) “Director of the department of corrections” means the uniformed police officer designated by the chief law enforcement officer to be the officer in charge of the Kirkland jail facility.

(6) “Strip search” means having a person remove or arrange some or all of his or her clothing so as to permit an inspection of the genitals, buttocks, anus, or undergarments of the person or breasts of a female person. (Ord. 4334 § 6 (part), 2011)