Chapter 14.16


14.16.010    Restricted areas.

14.16.020    Obstruction—Moving of same.

14.16.025    Vessel mooring restriction.

14.16.030    Anchorages.

14.16.040    Repealed.

14.16.050    Juanita Bay Park wildlife habitat area.

14.16.010 Restricted areas.

In interests of safe navigation, public safety and the protection of property, the port warden may designate restricted areas, stating the purposes for which (if any) the restricted area shall be used; provided, that this section shall not apply to vessels or watercraft engaged in or accompanying the activity to which the area is restricted, nor to patrol or rescue craft or in the case of an emergency. (Ord. 4406 § 17, 2013)

14.16.020 Obstruction—Moving of same.

(a)    No master or person having charge of any vessel, watercraft or obstruction shall anchor the same in any anchorage or fairway, nor make the same fast to any buoy, pier or other structure owned by or under the authority and control of the city, without first obtaining permission therefor from the port warden.

(b)    No master, owner or other person in charge of any towboat shall, while towing any vessel, watercraft or obstruction, obstruct any channel or fairway.

(c)    The port warden shall have the power to cause or arrange for the removal of any:

(1)    Vessel, watercraft or obstruction anchored in any channel or fairway or made fast to any buoy, pier or other structure owned by or under the authority and control of the city;

(2)    Towboat and/or its tow which is obstructing navigation in any channel or fairway;

(3)    Vessel, watercraft or obstruction lying at any pier in the harbor, which is obstructing any slip, fairway or other vessel or watercraft.

(d)    It shall be unlawful to fail to remove or refuse to remove any vessel, watercraft or obstruction after being directed to do so by the port warden. (Ord. 4406 § 18, 2013)

14.16.025 Vessel mooring restriction.

Watercraft, as defined in Section 14.08.180, may be moored at a moorage facility for one or two boats and a general moorage facility in accordance with the Kirkland Zoning Code. An inoperable vessel is deemed to be an obstruction and shall be removed within ten days. Subject to Section 14.16.030 and Chapter 14.38 of this title, the mooring of any vessel is prohibited in a general moorage facility in zones RM, WDI, WDIII, CBD-2, JBD-5, PLA-3B, and PLA-15A of the Kirkland Zoning Code. (Ord. 3840 § 4, 2002)

14.16.030 Anchorages.

It is unlawful for any owner or operator of any vessel or watercraft to anchor, moor, or otherwise secure such vessel or watercraft to the bed of any waters in the city limits of Kirkland for a period longer than seventy-two hours out of any one-week period or for a period in excess of two hundred sixteen hours in any one-month period, in both instances except under the following conditions:

(1)    Where moored to a public pier or buoy in a manner consistent with any posted regulations; or

(2)    Where moored to a private pier with the permission of the owner or lessee of the real property to which the pier is attached; or

(3)    Where anchorage or moorage is necessary because of an emergency situation; or

(4)    When given prior written permission by the city. (Ord. 4606 § 1, 2017)

14.16.040 Obstructions—Moving.

Repealed by Ord. 4406. (Ord. 800 § 9, 1960)

14.16.050 Juanita Bay Park wildlife habitat area.

The waters that comprise Juanita Bay Park and the waters adjacent to Juanita Bay Park are a wildlife habitat area. The boundaries of Juanita Bay Park wildlife habitat area shall be marked by warning signs posted on buoys that restrict access to the area. Any person entering the Juanita Bay Park wildlife habitat area, whether by boat (whether motorized or non-motorized), personal watercraft, raft, flotation device or swimming, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor; provided, that city employees and volunteers may, with the authorization of the parks director, enter the wildlife habitat area for maintenance, inspection of habitat and similar purposes. (Ord. 4192 § 1, 2009)