Title 15


15.04    Definitions

15.08    Application for Service

15.12    Service Installation

15.14    Water Service Installation and Fees

15.16    General Rules and Conditions of Service

15.20    Billing Procedures

15.24    Monthly Service and Consumption Rates

15.28    Side Sewers—Construction, Repair and Connection

15.36    Drainage and Discharge into Sewers Regulated

15.38    Sewer Main Extensions

15.40    Offenses

15.44    Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan

15.48    Comprehensive Water Plan

15.52    Surface Water Management

15.56    Surface Water Utility Monthly Service Rates and Storm Water Capital Facilities Charges

*    For the statutory provisions regarding sewage disposal by a code city, see RCW 35A.21.150. For the provisions regarding a code city’s authority to protect the city’s water supply, etc., see RCW 35A.70.010.