Chapter 15.12


15.12.010    Habitable building—Toilet facilities—Connection to sewer required.

15.12.020    Required connections subject to service charge.

15.12.032    Required sewer extension prior to connection.

15.12.040    Placement of side sewer service lines.

15.12.050    Sewer service stubs.

15.12.060    Side sewer fees.

15.12.063    Sewer capital facilities charges (SCFC)—Definitions.

15.12.064    Sewer capital facilities charge adjustment.

15.12.070    Fees for special services rendered.

* Side sewer installation—See Chapter 15.28 of this title.

15.12.010 Habitable building—Toilet facilities—Connection to sewer required.

A lot or parcel of property:

(a)    Any portion of which lies within three hundred thirty feet of a public sewer as calculated along the shortest route in public rights-of-way or easements to the nearest point of the land or parcel to be served; and

(b)    Upon which there is situated any building or structure for human habitation or use for any purpose involving human occupancy, shall have installed in the building or structure suitable toilet and sanitary drainage facilities, and the same shall be connected to the proper public sewer (except as permitted by Section 15.28.010) in accordance with the provisions and specifications of Chapters 15.28 and 15.36.

The owner of any lot or parcel required by the foregoing paragraph to be connected to the public sewer shall at his expense so connect within six months of the date of completion of any sewer line extension which brings the public sewer within three hundred thirty feet of the property line. (Ord. 3368 § 3 (part), 1993: Ord 3020 § 1, 1987: Ord. 2175 § 1, 1971: Ord. 2062 § 3.01, 1969)

15.12.020 Required connections subject to service charge.

Each lot or parcel of real property required by this title or by any other ordinance of the city or any law of the state of Washington to be connected with the sewer system of the city shall be subject to a monthly sewer charge as herein established whether such lot or parcel of real property is actually connected to the sewer system or not; provided, however, the monthly sewer charge will be waived if the property owner can establish to the satisfaction of the city engineer that the lot or parcel is connected to a septic system approved by the county. (Ord. 3368 § 3 (part), 1993: Ord. 2062 § 3.02, 1969)

15.12.032 Required sewer extension prior to connection.

Prior to the connection of any property to the city sewer system, the sewer system main lines must be extended to the subject property’s furthest property line by way of public right-of-way or easement. The sanitary sewer extension is subject to the following:

(1)    Using the sanitary sewer comprehensive plan and sound engineering judgment, the city engineer shall determine the length and number of sanitary sewer extensions for the subject property applying for connection.

(2)    The sanitary sewer must traverse along or through the subject property within a right-of-way or a recorded sanitary sewer easement to provide for future extension unless the city engineer determines such an extension is not necessary because the subject property is the last property to be served or that an extension would serve no other property.

(3)    The city engineer may determine that a property proposed for connection be required to extend more than one sanitary sewer line along or through the subject property.

(4)    If the property proposed for connection has a sanitary sewer main fronting the property and the sewer main extends to the furthest property line, and no other sanitary sewer extensions are required either along another right-of-way frontage or through an easement, then the applicant may connect with a side sewer under the conditions of this title and under public works standards and specifications. (Ord. 3368 § 4 (part), 1993)

15.12.040 Placement of side sewer service lines.

All sewer service lines shall normally be placed at least eighteen inches below the surface of the ground and at least five feet horizontally from a water pipe line. Wherever, because of prevailing conditions, a sewer service line is placed less than eighteen inches below the surface of the ground, ductile iron pipe shall be used. All side sewer service lines must be installed per the most current department of public works standards. (Ord. 3368 § 3 (part), 1993: Ord. 2062 § 3.04, 1969)

15.12.050 Sewer service stubs.

Sewer service lines shall be stubbed from the main to the property line by the city where appropriate and a fee collected at the time of connection for the cost of the installation of the stub. The property owner shall be responsible for the installation and the maintenance of the sewer service line from the city-owned and maintained public sewer main to the point of service, including any sewer stubs installed by the city for the benefit of the property owner. (Ord. 3368 § 4 (part), 1993)

15.12.060 Side sewer fees.

Whenever any connection is made for the benefit of property lying within the city limits to the city sewer system, installation and inspection fees shall be paid as outlined in Section 5.74.040. (Ord. 4215 § 3, 2009: Ord. 3675 § 1 (part), 1998: Ord. 3368 § 3 (part), 1993: Ord. 2461 § 1, 1978: Ord. 2372 § 1, 1978: Ord. 2175 § 2, 1971: Ord. 2062 § 3.06, 1969)

15.12.063 Sewer capital facilities charges (SCFC)—Definitions.

The sewer connection charge(s) must be paid prior to issuance of the permit and shall be determined as to each requested connection by the application of the criteria set forth below.

(1)    For all sewer connections a sewer capital facilities charge will be assessed and shall consist of the following:

(a)    Each sewer connection will be assigned a “residential customer equivalent” (RCE) factor. The RCE has a base of one for a three-fourths-inch by five-eighths-inch water meter; i.e., a building served by a five-eighths-inch by three-fourths-inch meter will be given a sewer RCE factor of one.

(b)    The RCE for each sewer connection is as follows:

Single-Family/Multifamily Sewer Fees


(1 RCE)

2-unit multi

(1.6 RCE, 0.8 RCE per unit)

3-unit multi

(2.4 RCE)

4-unit multi

(3.2 RCE)

5 or more units

Number of units x 0.64 x 1 RCE (0.64 RCE per unit)

(c)    Other use (commercial, office, light industrial, churches, school, etc.) shall be based on the water meter size serving the property:

Meter Size


5/8" x 3/4"
















(d)    Each property will be assessed an SCFC for each domestic water meter service or as determined by the department of public works.

(e)    Sewer connection charge(s) as provided for in this section may be waived with respect to the construction of any shelter or low-income housing project found by the city manager to serve low-income persons. (Ord. 4617 § 1, 2017: Ord. 4459 § 1, 2014: Ord. 4225 § 1, 2009: Ord. 3939 § 2B, 2004: Ord. 3870 § 3, 2002: Ord. 3720 § 1, 1999: Ord. 3368 § 4 (part), 1993)

15.12.064 Sewer capital facilities charge adjustment.

The SCFC fee with Section 15.12.063 will be adjusted periodically, but not less often than every odd number year. The adjustment calculation shall use an industry standard methodology.

Upon determining the adjusted SCFC, the director of public works shall file with the director of finance and administration three copies of the adjusted fee schedule along with the values the fee schedule is based on. The director of finance and administration shall file said schedules and values with the city clerk to be available for use by the general public and the affected city officials and departments.

Current fees are published online:

Whenever any connection is made to the city sewer system to serve property outside of the city limits, the property will be assessed the same fees set forth in this section. (Ord. 4808 § 3, 2022; Ord. 4459 § 2, 2014: Ord. 4416 § 52, 2013; Ord. 3870 § 4, 2002: Ord. 3573 § 66, 1997; Ord. 3368 § 4 (part), 1993)

15.12.070 Fees for special services rendered.

In addition to all other user rates and service connection fees required to be paid to the city, the following special service fees are established and shall be paid by the owner of the property served:

Service Calls. When a service call is made at the request of the owner or occupant of the premises for assistance in locating and/or repairing a plugged sanitary sewer drain, no charge will be assessed if plugged sewer lines were not caused by the owner or occupant of the premises. However, a charge as set forth in Section 5.74.040 shall be made only when it is determined that the location or cause of the sanitary sewer drain plug is not within the city-owned main or trunk line and it was caused by the owner or occupant of the premises. The foregoing fees when incurred shall be added to the next customer billing as provided in Section 15.20.050. (Ord. 4215 § 4, 2009: Ord. 3368 § 3 (part), 1993: Ord. 2653 § 4, 1982)