The Norkirk Neighborhood is home to City Hall and the Maintenance Center. These public facilities are where Citywide governmental services are administered. City Hall attracts community members from outside of the neighborhood to participate in the many functions and services of the municipality.

Policy N-36:

Provide adequate parking for civic buildings, either on site, on adjacent local streets, or in nearby parking lots.

Civic activities such as voting, public meetings and other community events, as well as day-to-day use, create a high parking demand, particularly at Kirkland City Hall. During periods of elevated public use, parking may spill over onto nearby residential streets, beyond those adjoining City Hall. To mitigate the impacts of on-street parking on local residents during these periods of peak use, the City should arrange for alternate employee parking locations, for example, by securing shared parking agreements with local private institutions such as churches to use their parking lots.

Parking impacts should also be mitigated by providing alternatives to single-occupancy vehicle use (e.g., encouraging carpooling, and promoting enhanced bike, pedestrian, and transit access).

City of Kirkland Public Works Maintenance Center Extension