There are four publicly owned parks in the Norkirk Neighborhood that currently provide park and open space amenities – Crestwoods Park, Van Aalst Park, Tot Lot Park and Reservoir Park. Some also protect critical and natural areas. Crestwoods Park trails connect to the CKC in several locations. In addition, the City has a partnership with Lake Washington School District for joint use of recreational facilities at Kirkland Middle School and Peter Kirk Elementary School, which help meet the community’s needs for recreation. Parks are mapped in Figure N-1 and the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan describes the improvement plans for Norkirk parks.

Tot Lot Park


Kirkland Middle School is over 15 acres and is located adjacent and to the west of Crestwoods Park. It complements the park in size and supplies valuable open space for the neighborhood. The school grounds are improved with one baseball/softball field, one small nonregulation practice softball field, a quarter-mile running track, one football field, and four outdoor unlighted tennis courts. The school’s fieldhouse provides indoor recreation space for the City’s community-wide recreation program.

Peter Kirk Elementary School is an 11-acre site located on 6th Street at approximately 13th Avenue. The site provides playfields for youth sports, as well as space for informal recreation activities for nearby community members. Additionally, the school provides children’s playground equipment and indoor recreation space on a limited basis.

Policy N-35:

Enhance existing parks, open space, and shared school facilities in the neighborhood.

City financial contributions helped renovate the Peter Kirk Elementary School ballfield, which helps provide shared recreational facilities for neighbors, guests, and the Lake Washington School District.

Play equipment at Peter Kirk Elementary