Within Highlands, there are six parks and open space opportunities dispersed throughout the neighborhood: Forbes Creek Park, Cotton Hill Park, Spinney Homestead Park, Highlands Park, Cedar View Park, and open space located north of the Highland Creste development along the CKC. These parks and open spaces offer the benefits of passive and active recreation and serve a vital role in protecting critical areas and nonmotorized opportunities for connections to the CKC. They are mapped in Figure H-3. The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Element Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan and the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan describe the facilities and planned improvements at each park.

Policy H-25:

Explore the possibility of a neighborhood-gathering place.

At present, there are no community buildings or schools within Highlands and, therefore, no community meeting places. Instead, Peter Kirk Elementary school serves this purpose. Open spaces and parks within Highlands should be explored as a possible and suitable location for a neighborhood-gathering place (e.g., picnic shelter).

Policy H-26:

Enhance parks facilities and open space within the Highlands Neighborhood.

Explore improving drainage at Spinney Homestead Park, adding more play structures at Cedar View Park, and improving the facility at Highlands Park to benefit neighborhood residents and guests. See the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan for further details.

New playground facilities at Highlands Park

Highlands Trails